Long Feng Disappears
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Long Feng



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November 4, 2009

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Beautiful and Deadly

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Sweethearts and Friends

Long Feng Disappears is the fourth chapter of Long Feng.


Long Feng ordered Aang to write three letters, dated at different times in the future. All told Aang's friends that he was well.

Aang realized that the letters were part of Long Feng's evil plan: he wanted Aang's friends to think he was safe, but then he would kill him. When some traveling people arrived to work at the castle, Aang asked them to post his secret letter to Katara.

But they were loyal to Long Feng, and they handed the letter to him instead. He was furious and burned the letter.

Soon after, Aang found that all his clothes had vanished from the wardrobe.

The traveling people brought large boxes.

Long Feng left the castle, carrying the sack that he gave to the women. He was disguised in Aang's clothes.

The only way Aang could get out of his locked room was by climbing out of the window. He was terrified, but he knew he would be killed if he did not escape. "Roku help me in my task!", muttered Aang.

He found his way to Long Feng's room and climbed in. It was empty, apart from heaps of gold coins. All of them were three hundred years old or more.

He made his way through a dark passage to the chapel, where Long Feng's famous ancestors were buried.

There was fifty wooden boxes, and the workmen had been filling them with earth from the chapel floor. What did Long Feng need these for? Was it some mysterious part of his plan to move to Ember Island?

Long Feng was lying in one of the boxes, on a pile of earth. His eyes were staring wide, his lips blood-red. Was he dead or alive?

Long Feng could not be allowed to go to Ember Island. Aang attacked him with the only weapon he could find, but Long Feng stirred, and Aang lost his nerve.

The workmen arrived to carry the boxes away. Swollen with blood, Long Feng was being shipped to Ember Island.

Aang made one last attempt to escape by climbing down the wall. He would rather fall to his death than be devoured by those ghostly vampire women. "Goodbye, Katara!", said Aang.

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