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Long Feng
Long Feng
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The Dai Li Arise

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Long Feng is a main antagonist in Avatar: Guardian. He remains as the leader of the Dai Li, although he seems to have less faith in them than he had before.

Before Guardian

During the Liberation of Ba Sing Se, a few loyal Dai Li agents snuck into Long Feng's prison cell and freed him before the Firebenders could stop them. They quickly made their way across the kingdom before seizing several Earth Kingdom Navy ships.


After arriving in the Fire Nation, some agents went ashore in the Fire Nation with a mission to assassinate Fire Lord Zuko. After they failed, they returned and Long Feng ordered them to strike again. They fail again, and Long Feng returns to the southwestern Earth Kingdom to plan for his return to power.

He does not make another appearance until he is shown searching different towns for leads to the whereabouts of the Earth King. He strikes fear into the hearts of commoners, making them beg for their lives because they don't know the information he is looking for. After finding a small lead, he begins heading north.

While in the Dai Li's temporary headquarters resting, Long Feng receives news from an agent about where the King is rumored to have gone. Long Feng is pleased to hear the news, but is angered when he hears the Earth King's reason. He decides that the Dai Li will head to Omashu.


Long Feng's Earthbending prowess has increased dramatically during the year that passed from his imprisonment. His style has grown more aggressive and he is able to move earth faster and for much longer than before. This, coupled with his strategic fighting style, makes him a deadly opponent.

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