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Warning! This page contains spoilers for Corruption and Redemption.

Long Feng
Long Feng
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Earth Kingdom



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The Dai Li


Azula, Kuei, Team Avatar

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  • Former Grand Secretariat of Ba Sing Se
  • Head of the Dai Li
  • Earthbending Master

Ba Sing Se, the Dai Li

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Sons of Corruption

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Clancy Brown

Long Feng is the head of the Dai Li and the main antagonist in the fanon story Corruption and Redemption.


Before C&R

Long Feng was born to a poor family of refugees in Ba Sing Se during The War. His father died just a year after his birth as an Earthbending soldier for the army in the middle of battle, leaving his widowed mother to raise him on her own. Young Long Feng's mother was very overprotective of him and wanted him to become very successful when he grew up. Long Feng became very interested in politics, as when he was still young he became an intern for many of the political leaders in Ba Sing Se. When he was 25, he became a moderate government official, when he was 30, he became one the 51st Earth King's personal advisers. When Long Feng was 33, the 51st Earth King assigned him the head of the Dai Li, but he began to become politically corrupt with all of the power that the Dai Li had. When the 51st Earth King died, he left his four-year-old son, Kuei, to be the next King, this allowed Long Feng to launch a conspiracy to take control of the capital.

Raiding the Earth Kingdom

During the Liberation of Ba Sing Se, about three dozen Dai Li agents who were still loyal to him were able to free him from his prison while the Fire Nation army were distracted by the Order of the White Lotus. He decided to make a new goal for the Dai Li, recapture Ba Sing Se and restore his power in the Earth Kingdom. Long Feng knew that their numbers were small and they needed more agents, so they began raiding Earth Kingdom towns and villages. When they raided the villages, they would capture any Earthbenders in the village and brainwash them into making them loyal to Long Feng.

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