Long Feng's Final Journey
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Long Feng



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November 10, 2009

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Reading Katara's Mind

Long Feng's Final Journey is the final chapter of Long Feng.


They all caught the first ship to Gaoling, the port on the sea to which Long Feng's ship was heading.

The men prepared deadly weapons, sharp knives. Katara's mood kept changing, sometimes she was restless and alert, sometimes dull and sleepy.

Long Feng realized he was being chased and cut his mind off from Katara. But she was still able to work out that he was following an ancient route used by his ancestors. "Oh, you so clever lady!" commented Haru.

The friends left the ship and split into three groups. Aang and Sokka took a boat on the river.

Jet and Zuko rode on ostrich-horseback over wild mountains.

Katara and Haru travelled by road. Katara now wouldn't eat, she slept all day and woke at night. Haru feared that Long Feng would soon totally control her.

They camped near Long Feng's castle. Haru surrounded with a circle of holy wafers. She needed special protection against the castle's deadly magic. "Here you are safe!" stated Haru.

That night, Katara was visited by the castle's beautiful, blood-sucking women. They called her in sweet voices to join them. Katara was paralyzed with horror. Haru's ostrich-horses died of fright.

Leaving Katara safe inside the circle, Haru bravely entered Long Feng's castle. Long Feng had not yet arrived, and in daylight no one tried to stop him.

He was looking for the chapel, and the tombs where the three beautiful women slept during the day.

He hammered a stake through each lovely woman's vampire heart, and cut off their heads. Magically, their bodies grew old, withered, and crumbled.

Meanwhile, Long Feng's box arrived in a gypsy wagon. The four friends came galloping after it. They fought, and Zuko was badly wounded.

Long Feng's box crashed out of the wagon.

They killed him before he could stir. Long Feng's evil power had ended. He would never drink blood again! As he died, Katara saw a look of peace on his face at last, before he crumbled away to dust.

Brave Zuko died from his wounds. But he died happy, because the scar on Katara's forehead had finally vanished. She was human again! She was safe!

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