Long Feng's Castle
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Long Feng



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November 4, 2009

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To Ba Sing Se

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Beautiful and Deadly

Long Feng's Castle is the second chapter of Long Feng. It introduces Castle Long Feng to the story.


At last, they reached a huge, half-ruined castle, towering on the brink of a precipice. The driver vanished. The castle seemed deserted, but finally Aang heard footsteps. Slowly, a locked door opened with much creaking and groaning. "Welcome to my house! Enter freely and of your own will!", welcomed Long Feng.

They shook hands, and Aang shivered horribly. Long Feng's strong grasp was cold and chilled, it was like touching a dead man's fingers! Long Feng lead the way through dim, cobwebbed halls to a richly furnished chamber. "Let me see to your comfort...", said Long Feng.

Aang was cold, tired and hungry, so he enjoyed the meal that had been prepared for him. But he was surprised to see that Long Feng didn't eat or drink anything. "I trust you will find all you wish.", said Long Feng.

Wolves howled outside. "Listen to them, the children of the night. What music they make!", exclaimed Long Feng.

Aang noticed Long Feng's hairy palms, and his nails, which were as sharp as claws. Nervously, he went to bed. They had talked so long that it was almost dawn.

The next day, Aang slept late. Just after sunset, Long Feng arrived. Aang asked about the books on the shelves. They were all about Ember Island.

Long Feng explained why he needed Aang's help.

The house he wanted to buy was called Sozin. Aang told him that it was a big, old house, dark and gloomy. Long Feng was pleased: a house like that would him well. "I love the shade and shadow.", explained Long Feng.

That night, Aang couldn't sleep. He got up, dressed, and shaved before sunrise. Suddenly Long Feng appeared, looming out of the darkness. But he cast no reflection in Aang's shaving mirror!

Aang was so startled that he cut himself with his razor.

Long Feng bared his pointed teeth, and seemed to want to lick the blood.

But, when he saw the cross given to Aang by the innkeepers, he stopped at once. Angrily, he threw the mirror out of the window. "Take care! It is more dangerous than you think in this country.", warned Long Feng.

Once Long Feng was gone, Aang decided he must find out more about the castle. But his door was locked, and there was a sheer cliff outside the window. The castle was a prison and he a prisoner.

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