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"Augh, what is that stench?"
"That, my friend, is the stench of DISCOVERY."
"I'm not your friend, and it smells more of bog and marsh rot."
"Right, you would know these things, with your flying cow know-how."
"Don't talk about Karishma that way."
"Who said I was talking about that flying cow?"
Amala and Lon make a great couple
—we could call it Amalon shipping, eh?

Lon is proud to be called a Northern Tribesman, as he thinks "Water Nation" sounds stupid, and takes pride in his manly activities, namely marksmanship, outdoorsmanship, tracking, wrestling, sewing, and cooking. He works as a hired guide and escort, and his wide array of skills and sharp wit make him a great ally to have. His carefree nature is off-putting, however, and no one can ever be sure he takes his tasks seriously.

There'd be a witty and/or snarky one-liner here, but it was all used up in the top quote.

Early Recent Life

Not much is known about Lon's early life, but he came to prominence in his work with the Rangers. Although he was often mistaken as a full-time member, he never officially accepted their invitation. In recent years, he has moved west and can be contacted in Sheng City, but he still has some connections to the northern territories. Lon likes to tell stories about himself and his endeavors, and his favorite ones involve his missions with the previous Avatar, to whom he claims to have been on great terms. One such story tells of how he, the Avatar, and a group of Earthbenders fended off a rampaging sea serpent because repairs had to be made to the Serpent's Pass checkpoint during the creatures' mating season; Lon has a set of scars which he says were received from the serpent, but only no one really believes him.

Character & Abilities

Lon is a fairly good marksman and carries a custom-built pistol which he calls his Little Lon. The innuendo is apparently so far over his head that he can skip under it. For most people's sakes, he is more apt to not call it anything as he reserves it for emergency purposes only and states that he prefers the "feel" of rifles more. Unfortunately, the rough nature of most of Lon's tasks means that he goes through rifles a lot, especially since he is unwilling to spend money on the more expensive Fire Nation models and must make do with cheaper Earth Kingdom ones. Lon is also a practiced martial artist, especially in Way of Yielding, and possesses a lean, fit build. Aside from these naturally outdoors-aligned skills, he is also an expert seamster, although unfortunately he has difficulty making his own clothes as his skill is oriented toward casual wear. Finally, Lon is a varied cook. He can cook many things that may be found in the wilderness, but others are less than willing to try his food... stuffs.

As seen, Lon is highly adaptable and well-versed in a variety of skills, and he prides himself in this feat. Sometimes Lon can come off as a little full of himself but never haughty; no matter what, he takes his assignments seriously, if only because he wants full payment for his work. The problem most people have with Lon is that he is difficult to read and often appears to not care about anything, even himself. It would seem that he knows this but cannot bring himself to care, which only fuels people's dispositions toward him, but his track record says otherwise. As a member of the Water Nation Tribe Nation Tribe it is rumored that Lon is a Waterbender because some of his more questionable achievements, such as wrestling sabre-tooth walrus, would be nigh impossible otherwise, but Lon has never shown any ability in that art. Now, painting, Lon has been trying to obtain a degree of skill in that, but has yet to do so due to a lack of time.

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