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Soleil Bahl Ha
Biographical information

Lolita, Lola, Sun Spot, Sunny, Sunshine


United Republic of Nations


Fire Nation

Birth place

Republic City


Republic City




143 AG

Physical description






Hair color


Skin color


Eye color


Personal information
Weapon of choice

Fire, Lightning

Fighting style(s)


Bending style(s)



Unnamed parents


Agni Kai Triad, Rat Tail


Equalists, Triple Threat Triad, Red Monsoon Triad, Shady Shin, Mantis

Chronological and political information
  • Crime Boss
  • Agni Kai Guard (formerly)
  • Leader of the Agni Kai Triad
  • Mobster
  • Upper class United Republic citizen

Her father

Lola is the Leader of the Agni Kai Triad. She is a major player in House of Cards, and one of the main characters.


Soleil Bahl Ha was born in the south bank of Republic City, to a fairly affluent family. Her father was a recruiter for the Agni Kais, and her mother was his favorite mistress. Even though she was a kept woman, Soleil never wanted for anything, including paternal affection. When it was found out a few years later that she could bend, her father took her under his wing and trained her himself. Soleil looks back on those bi-weekly sessions fondly, and they lasted well into her late teens.

Schooling was a different matter entirely. Soleil had quite a bit of trouble in classes, partly due to being bored, and partly due to finding it hard to make friends. When your family had Agni Kai ties, your classmates tended to fear or scorn you. Mostly she kept to herself, and the small squad of kids in her grade in the same boat. Since little time was wasted on playground politics, Soleil passed most of her classes with flying colors.

Like most of the less important family members, Soleil started relatively low, as a soldier. Although she wasn't a street thug, she would often serve as a body guard for her uncle, the underboss. Long nights were spent in black suits and sunglasses, staring blankly ahead as the men played cards, ate at the South Bank's finer restaurants, and conducted their meetings. After all, she was family, she could be trusted. This was where the takeover started. Soleil began to learn names, learn faces. She knew what mob wife was having an affair with what recruiter. She saw which of the boys cheated at cards. It was during this time that she earned the nickname "Lolita", probably due to her girlish appearance. It was because of this that she could often slip in places with a cute smile and a short hemline that an enforcer with ten men couldn't break into.

The firebender was good at her job, nobody could dispute that. She was loyal to her uncle, and well known among the higher ups as one of those faces that stood in the shadows beyond the door. When her uncle had had too much to drink, she drove him home. When he had done drugs and was too strung out to work, she covered for him. If he grew mad and punished his wife or children, Lolita would take them to the gang's doctor, who never asked questions or took names.

Firebending training was always a priority in her off time. There were plenty of ways to stay sharp. Street bending matches provided a good way to stay sharp when facing water or earthbenders. Sparring with enforcers, recruiters, and bodyguards kept her practiced with her own element. With over twenty years of experience under her belt, the woman is a force to be reckoned with.

Everything changed when the Avatar arrived in Republic City. Both her uncle and the Agni Kai's boss, along with several of their recruiters and bodyguards were rounded up one night while she was off duty. They were found several hours later, "unharmed" but stripped of their bending.

The Agni Kais fell into chaos in the following few hours, with everyone trying to muscle their way up the ladder to fill the seats that they perceived as vacant. Lolita was called upon to guard the Boss in their mansion, along with a few other, loyal bodyguards. Unfortunately for the boss, Lolita was just as power hungry as the others. Her boss led her to a safe in the house's floor, opened it, and ordered her to incinerate the contents. Instead of burning the finances as she was instructed, Lolita held a fireball to the Boss' young daughter's head. Within seconds everything from the casino ledgers to the ships manifests to the mansion deeds were hers. Within hours, a lawyer who was also an Agni Kai associate had doctored and forged them, changing all the names to Soleil's own.

Even though the racket is hers, Soleil—known mostly by her alias "Lola"—is largely untested, and some of her gang are still hungering for the power that slipped through their fingers. Many however, have settled docilely back into place, waiting to see what sort of leader this woman proves to be, and what plans she has in store for their operation.


The first thing people notice about Lola is that she is quite business oriented. This lends itself well to organizing a crime syndicate, and while nobody loves her, many of her subordinates don't actively wish she were dead. She praises those that deserve it, gives credit where it's due, and punishes severely when necessary. All of this is done with the same calm demeanor, whether she is supervising henchmen administering a beating, or toasting an underling's success on their wedding day.

Still, she can be known to micromanage, far more than necessary. With Lola, there is only one right way to do something, and that is her way. If something is not going her way, she has a tendency to blow it quite out of proportion.

Climbing the Agni Kai's chain of command was not easy, and part of it was wit, part of it was luck, and part of it was perseverance. The stubbornness she displays can rival that of an earthbender sometimes. Still, she is determined to make the gang the best gang that it can be, and if that means pulling the entire population of the syndicate with her, she is willing and eager to do so.

While it's a bit hard to see on formal occasions, whenever anyone is more intimately acquainted with Lola, they'll notice that she's rather vain. She thinks highly of herself on every level, and doesn't take kindly to negative feedback. Be careful what you say to this doll, it might just be the last thing you ever do!

Personal Appearance

Lola isn't what you'd expect from a crime boss. She's on the short side for her nation, with wavy auburn hair, and freckles that make her look both younger and softer than she actually is. Her features are unremarkable, though unmistakably Fire Nation in structure, and her face is round. The fashionable finger-waved bob she's adopted is not doing her cheekbones any favors, and her expression is usually appears somewhat bored.

Being an Agni Kai, she always looks expensive and even somewhat risqué, depending on her mood. If you knew her well though, you'd know she rather dislikes the fancy suits and uncomfortable tops she wears to keep up the image of her gang. She doesn't wear much make-up, and looks as though she might be a bit of a tomboy in her free time.


Firebender - Advanced. Don't let the pudginess fool you, Lola is an advanced bender, encroaching on expert. Firebending originates from the breath, not the muscles, after all. Lightning bending, as well as the more advanced forms are well practiced and used often.

Education - Intermediate. While many denizens of Republic City are lucky to get out of school with the ability to read, write, and do simple sums, Lola continued all the way through University, walking away with a general studies degree, and quite a few influential friends. What she lacks in certification, she seems to make up for with street smarts and a keen sense of logic.

Syndicate Management - Beginner. Only just having ascended to the position of leader, Lola has a lot to learn. This learning must be accomplished without any mistakes, because the Agni Kais and Republic City gangs are notoriously unforgiving.

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