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The World of the Phoenix Chronicles is the same as the world of Avatar. Yet, there are several new locations, unrevealed in the original series.

Air Nomad Locations

New settlement

Avatar Aang, helped rebuild the Air Nomads, by finding several in hiding. He also found several descendants who could taught how to master Airbending. After training all the survivors, the Nomads established one settlement near the Southern Air Temple. This settlement would be the Home for the Nomads. The settlement is on an medium sized island and has dorms for males and females. There are also, training grounds, meditating gardens, an Avatar temple, Aang shrine, and a sports field. The nomads, now have an air guard, who are their army but act as guards and policeman during peace time. They are still led by a four-person council.

Southern Water Tribe

Capital City

The once small village of Sokka's and Katara's is now a large gleaming city with walls of ice. The city is much like their northern counterpart with temples, schools, and houses. Mian's house is here.

Mian's house

Mian's house is a large house with several floors, Mian's room in on the top. The remaining floors are for guests and family, while the bottom is a living room. Diplomats reside in the house across the street.

Diplomat's residence

This house consists of several floors for visiting dignitaries and diplomats

Phoenix Islands

Phoenix Islands

Formed after a group of indigenous people created their own nation, the group of islands is between the Fire Nation and Southern Water Tribe. Their closest Island to the Southern Water Tribe is South Eagle Island.

South Eagle Island

This island, is the closest to the Water Tribe capital. Once nothing more than a jungle, it has been transformed to a war preparation zone, to prepare for the war with the Southern Water Tribe. The southern part of the island is owned by the Southern Water Tribe, who has several settlements there. Recently, the Islanders have begin to raid those settlements.

Unnamed settlement

This small settlement of the Southern Water Tribe, resides on the south eastern tip of the island. It is a victim to several Phoenix raids, the town is the temporary Headquarters of the protagonists. The town is recuperating slowly. Admiral Min's fleet is also temporarily residing here.

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