By Daiquan Gordon Part of the Legend of Katary continuity.
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Eastern Air Temple


Air Nation


62 at death


Fire Nation Avatar


Katary (as the Avatar)

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Dark Brown

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Airbending, waterbending, earthbending, firebending, energybending


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Fully Realized Avatar

Liyang is the next Air Nomad Avatar after Aang and preceding Katary. Liyang's memory severed as a guiding force for Katary during her time as the Avatar. Liyang was a wise and merciful Avatar with good intentions, though she was decisive when necessary.


Early Life

Liyang was born at the Eastern Air Temple, where she spent much of her childhood. After discovering she was the Avatar, she traveled around the world to master the elements; first to the Water Tribe to learn waterbending, then the Earth Kingdom to learn earthbending, and the Fire Nation to learn firebending.

Later Life

Sometime later, after mastering the elements, the Republic City spirit vines threatened to dangerously spread throughout the entire city. Fortunately, by tapping into the spiritual energy, Liyang managed to contain the vines to certain areas of the city, creating spirit parks.


At the North Pole, Water Tribe warriors, including Katary's father, managed to drive a group of barbarians out of the Northern Tribe and deep into the tundra. Tracking the barbarians to the spirit forest, the warriors were ambushed as the barbarians set the forest on fire. The warriors captured the barbarians, but despite their attempts to save it, the forest was destroyed. That night, dark spirits attacked the forest and threatened to destroy everything, until Liyang arrived. She was able to guide the spirits back to the forest, but just when everything seemed fine, a sudden explosion caused a building to crumble, threatening to take out Katary's family. Liyang was able to save them, but at the cost of her own life.




As a reincarnation of the Avatar, Liyang is able to bend all four elements, making her the most powerful bender in the world. She could move large amounts of water, tunnel through earth, create tornadoes, and generate a shield of air large enough to cover a whole town. Her control was not only powerful, but precise.


As a it was her native element, Liyang was a master airbender. She mastered both modern and traditional techniques of airbending before learning the other elements. She was able to fight on-par with strong and powerful masters or against large number of opponents. She could create powerful tornadoes and strong currents of air.   


The first of the remaining three elements Liyang had to learn was waterbending. Her waterbending training commenced in the Northern Water Tribe, where she made friends with Katary's grandmother. Liyang was skilled in the art of waterbending.    


After learning waterbending, Liyang traveled to the Earth Kingdom to learn earthbending. Being her natural opposite, she found it difficult to learn at first, but in time, she mastered it.


After completing her earthbending training, Liyang moved on to the Fire Nation to learn firebending.


Liyang had also learned to use the ancient technique of energybending. Using energybending, Liyang was able to take a person's bending away if necessary and also restore it. Liyang also devoted her life to fully restoring her nation; she spent most of her searching for ways. She was able to find a lion turtle and ask it for help; the lion turtle gave Liyang the ability to give nonbenders the ability to bend. With this new ability, Liyang could restore the Air Nation. Unfortunately, she was killed before she could use it, so she passed this ability on to Katary, who used it to restore the Air Nation as an all bending nation.

Avatar Spirit

As a Fully Realized Avatar, Liyang mastered the Avatar State. She is also Katary's mentor on her journey as the Avatar. She can engulf her spirit into Katary's body.



  • Liyang's ancestors originally came from the Earth Kingdom, but attained airbending after Harmonic Convergence in 171 AG.

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