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Warning! This page contains spoilers for Emblem of the Outlaw.

By MibuWolf Part of the Emblem of the Outlaw continuity.
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Frost, Ishio, Ai Shi


Tang, Anying Jiaoben

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New New Team Avatar

Liwei is an ex-police spy in the pro-bending rings and one of the main protagonists in Emblem of the Outlaw. Born and raised in the Fire Nation, at a young age Liwei left to work for the police of Republic City. He is the self-elected leader of New New Team Avatar (Team Avatar being the Gaang, New Team Avatar being Korra, Bolin, and Mako). In the beginning of Book Two, it is revealed that Liwei is also the crowned prince of the Fire Nation.


In several ways, Liwei is Ishio's foil. Combat in particular, while Ishio is the type to rush in head first Liwei will stop and think about the situation. Analytical of situations often to the point where he comes off cold and detached. But Liwei isn't the silent type; he will voice his opinion when he feels like it, and it just so happens that most of the time he doesn't feel like saying anything. Though he comes off as confident, Liwei actually has confidence issues driven by people telling him what he can and cannot do for his entire life.



Liwei's weapon of choice is the handgun, and he has remarkable aim and ability for someone of his youth. He doesn't fancy heavier artillery, and thus only carries a handgun on his person. With standard police training, he is quite fearsome with a gun, both from a distance and in close range.


It is revealed that Liwei is actually a Firebender, while at the beginning of the series his affiliation with the police lead his friends to assume he was a nonbender. In escaping the clutches of the police at the end of Book One, Liwei reveals his prowess with bending. Wielding an unnatural blue green flame as well as lightning, he was able to help his friends escape. As well as using his flames as a propelling device--similar to Tuzo in later chapters--Liwei was able to control his lightning to shock guards in a manner similar to a stun gun and also use lightning to destroy the anti-bending machines. Initially, the rest of New New Team Avatar was upset with Liwei for not telling them that he was a Firebender, however he explained that his situation, and reason for not bending, was not as simple as "bend" or "don't bend".


  • "Liwei" is a Chinese name meaning "profit and greatness"
  • Liwei is NOT another emo Firebender though he does have some angst
  • Initially, the character art for Liwei was something similar to the Korean/Mandarin Pop Singer, Kangta.

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