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Princess Yue's Second Chance





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December 27, 2011

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Second Chapter...:)


Yue's wish was granted by the Spirit of the Mystic, and that wish is to return to Earth yet she will live in a new body and appearance because it was impossible to return to her old body now that it has decayed. As she arrived on Earth, she found out that she was on a new and seemingly strange place. Someone greeted her, two to be exact and were very familiar to her... Sokka and Katara who have now aged a bit.


Familiar Faces

"Oh...uhmm..err...what is this place?" Yue nervously asked. She wasn't expecting to bump into Sokka so suddenly. She was still confused. It seemed to her everything had been a rush. Did that spirit intentionally put me here?

Sokka and Katara exchanged shocked faces.

"Didn't you know?! Where have you been? Sleeping in an iceberg?!" Sokka sarcastically said. Sokka was wearing his Southern Water Tribe clothes. His aura about him is full of sarcastic jokes and wit. This aura was what made Yue "fall". She was glad for this simple event in her life. Yue was finally reunited with his true love.

Katara interjected him, "Ahh, just ignore my fat-headed brother." Katara seems different. Instead of braided hair, loose-hanging locks were on her back instead. She was wearing similar outfits with Sokka. She was still beautiful as ever despite the War and everything. Katara still remained friendly to strangers. "This is Republic City. The city's just been newly constructed. Sokka here is one of the master development managers of the city. He plans and decides on how the city could be more productive. By the way, why don't you know all these? Every citizen all over the world was informed in some way."

"Oh..well.." What can I say, I was away for a long time. Somehow I really have been sleeping in an iceberg.

As Yue was thinking what to answer, a lady shouted and greeted from their behind.

"Hey guys! Is there a problem?" It was a girl running towards them. She was wearing green battle suit with a face that was painted in a similar way as Avatar Kyoshi. Yue sensed her fierce personality.

"Oh Suki, glad you're here." Katara said.

So this is Suki?

"We're just entertaining this girl here and she seems to be suffering from amnesia and also..."

"NO! Oh..i mean...I'm not crazy or something..I's hard to explain, I'm sorry" Yue's voice was shaky. "Can I speak with Aang, I mean - Avatar Aang?"

Katara's eyes filled with sympathy and curiosity at the same time, quietly said. "Of course but he's at Ba Sing Se right now, probably tonight."

"You know," Sokka said "her voice reaaally reminds me of Yue."

Oh no, oh no, oh no. "WHAT?! I'm not Yue! She is dead, that's impossible!" exclaimed Yue. Bad move Yue

"Mhmm?" Sokka's face was questioning.

No, no, Sokka must not know yet. Not here, not now.

"Woah, calm down. He's not saying you're Yue." Suki said as she pulled out her fan. Ready to attack whoever this stranger might be. Katara then went to Yue and asked "Who are you anyway?"

She was thinking what to tell them. Should I tell them now? Will they believe me? No, I must first speak to Aang. I know he will believe me. Yue thought of a name that closely relates to her situation.

"Uhmm...I'm..ahh...Patience. Yeah, my name is Patience" Yue sighed.

"Oh okay Patience. I can see you probably don't have a home here since you don't even know what HERE is. Where do you live by the way?" Katara asked "I live in the...uhmm...err..The Northern Water Tribe."

Spirit Conflicts

"Mystic. Spirit of the Mystic. Where are you? I summon thee." a voice so loud and trembling questioned.

"Has someone called?" The Spirit of the Mystic replied.

A tall, dark looming figure approached the mountain. The figure was cloaked in magnificent white robes. His face black but a closer look and his white eyes can be seen. Around his neck was a necklace with beads. Individually, the beads had black insignia of the moon in them.

"Oh, Tui. How come you have left the Spirit Oasis? Then again, the War is long done for. No need to hide to your precious little water pond." The Spirit of the Mystic laughed so hard, the realm seemed to have mini-quake. Tui, however, did not smirk even just a little. His authoritative presence alone made the Mystic stopped his futile laughing at once.

"This is not a social call. I only have but a few minutes left to return to my oasis. I'm here to talk about Yue." Tui said this as his voice echoed throughout, filled with urgency. It took the Spirit of the Mystic a long time to respond.

"What about her?"

"As she left, I felt the bond I had with her grew weak. Mystic, how could you have let her return, how could you have done such treachery to your loyalty of neutrality?! If this is to continue, I will cease to exist and the world will again lose its balance! My people, the Water Tribe will be weakened as well. Knowing this, the other nations may be tempted to overpower the Tribe and may start a new war. This must not happen!"

The Spirit of the Mystic seemed to draw upon his lips a wicked smile and was eager to ask about what Tui intends to do next.

"What then do you plan to do?" the Mystic asked.

"I will try to contact the Avatar through his past lives."

Suddenly, a very eerie noise sounded somewhere and in an instant, all the past Avatars were there with them.

"Listen to my message, all of you. Don't let one word drop, this is urgent."

Yue's Problem

As promised, Katara, Sokka and Suki accompanied Patience (Yue) to Aang. They were riding a gondola towards an island. They were silent all throughout before entering the temple. They have finally reached the mini pier of the island. Perched on top of it is the Temple. Is this where he lives now? They entered the temple and saw Aang laying down on the floor playing with Momo.

"Aang, you have a visitor" Katara said to him. Aang took notice of the stranger and stood up right away.

"I know who she is." Aang stated

Yue was shocked when he said that. Does he know?

"What do you mean?" Yue/Patience asked

"You're an old friend." Aang said this wearing a strange smile

Stay tuned for Chapter Three Jealousy


  • The name Patience is inspired by the dead-then-later-on-resurrected character of Prue Halliwell from the ninth season of Charmed. Like Prue, Yue adopted the name "Patience" to let her return be a secret. Both were blond when they were resurrected. Also, like Prue, the Gaang (or in the case of Charmed, the Halliwell sisters) did not, at first, recognized her as she has a different appearance. Interestingly, like Prue, Yue is also tired as the one always sacrificing (as evident in Chapter Seven).

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