By Gingalover Part of the Book Six: Shadow continuity.
Biographical information
  • Two-Tailed Beetle wolf (by the first victim)
  • Mutant Wolf (by Ba Sing Se press)
Birth place

Lake Laogai, Ba Sing Se


174 AG

Physical description

8 feet


1 ton

Hair color


Skin color

Dull brown

Eye color

Cyan blue

Chronological and political information


First appearance

Ep.10: Ba Sing Se and the Midnight Flame

Liunovvix is one of the Voronon that'd survived up to present day. Its appearance resembles that of a "beetle wolf", a supposedly extinct hybrid of said animals, but with two tails instead of one.


Liunovvix was created many years ago, before the Avatar existed, to protect its creators from harm. When the Voronon started to get wiped out, Liunovvix was put in suspended animation. The area it was suspended in became Lake Laogai, a part of Ba Sing Se's Agrarian Zone.

Liunovvix became active soon after a couple of boys decided to swim in the lake. When one of them dropped a boulder on it, it quickly jumped out and attacked them, unaffected by their attacks as it mauled a boy to the ground and threw him in a tree. The boys stopped it temporarily by burying it, but the beast soon escaped. Instead of continuing after the boys, it saw the lights from the buildings of Ba Sing Se and soon went into the Lower Ring. After arriving, it found a group of Earth Kingdom girls and attacked all of them. It managed to cut them up and broke multiple limbs before it escaped to a nearby basement, leaving a trail of blood and claw marks back at the scene. It was found later by Kai and Mako but managed to elude capture soon after they both left.

For the next four days, Liunovvix continued attacking various citizens of Ba Sing Se, eluding capture each time to the point where it became front page headlines on Ba Sing Se newspapers. Later on one night, it appeared once more to Mako, Kai, Bolin and Kuvira. It remained still at first when Kuvira approached but soon went into a rage state and started fighting the others despite Kuvira's command. It continued to fight until Mako's fire began to overwhelm it and soon escaped and ran until it found a rain barrel, which it used to douse the flames. When going out, it found Ziyou and Korra outside and battled them, trying to avoid many blasts of fire. It pinned Korra down but was soon deeply burned in the face. Liunovvix eventually ran away once it saw some fireworks being displayed.

Liunovvix soon ended up by a large crowd of people in a forest clearing back in the Agrarian Zone, some of which were past victims, and soon began to charge at them. However, Ziyou managed to launch a large firework rocket at it, which exploded upon impact. Liunovvix survived, though injured, and was about to attack once more until Kuvira and Asami Sato intervened. After a final command, Liunovvix finally gave up and walked away.



Liunovvix, being much smaller than most Voronon, has a lot more speed and agility in comparison, more prone to dodging some attacks rather than take them head on. It is also shown to be flexible for a Voronon, able to escape in and out of a basement through a window much smaller than itself, despite its armor.

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