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Liu (The Adventures of Qi)
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Earth Kingdom


Water Tribe; Earth Kingdom

Birth place

Ba Sing Se


Ba Sing Se



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Light brown

Eye color


Personal information

Jim, Piaolian, Maia


Qi, Huo, Maia


Aimei, Cici, Sha, Wang

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First appearance

The Walled City

Liu is the son of Jim and Piaolian and is a master waterbender. He met Qi in the Si Wong Desert and has been travelling the Earth Kingdom with her ever since.


Early Life

Liu was born and raised in Ba Sing Se alongside his twin sister: Maia. He discovered waterbending at an early age and began training, eventually mastering it before the age of seventeen.

Meeting Qi

Liu and his family were flying over the Si Wong Desert when they noticed a crashed airship and several people screaming for help. Liu and his sister descended from the airship and found Qi and Huo. Huo had no memory of who he was at the time. They introduced themselves as Maia and Liu and explained how they were siblings. Qi introduced herself and Huo and explained how they wanted to go to Ba Sing Se to restore Huo's memory. When Qi saw a sand dune moving, she nervously asked what was going on. Maia explained how it was a sandshark that might eat everyone up. The siblings invited everyone on board so that they could head to Ba Sing Se together.

In the City of Ba Sing Se

While they were travelling to Ba Sing Se, Qi struck up a conversation with Maia and Liu. She told them how they were looking for the Avatar and they were hoping that the Avatar might be in Ba Sing Se. Maia then delightedly said how she and her brother were from Ba Sing Se and they were returning home from a holiday to the Northern Water Tribe. When Qi asked what Ba Sing Se was like, Liu said it wasn't good. He explained how there had been a civil war, so former Earth King Wu's grandson had taken the throne. He said how the current Earth King was even worse than Hou-Ting, which shocked Qi. They were soon approached by Jim and Piaolian, who explained that they were arriving in Ba Sing Se.

When they were flying over Ba Sing Se, Liu noticed Qi staring in awe at the mega city and saying that it was "amazing." When they landed, Maia and Liu took them to a famous hospital in the Middle Ring that was only ten years old. Inside, the receptionist told them to go to the sixth floor, but when they all went, the receptionist said only Huo could go.

When Huo didn't come back down, Qi began to worry. Maia tried to comfort Qi, but Liu succeeded in making her even more worried. Eventually, a doctor came to them and said there was an attack on the sixth floor. Qi nervously asked the doctor about Huo, who said that he was missing. Qi immediately used her spiritual projection to locate Huo, who was kidnapped and taken to an old abandoned house. When Qi awoke, she told the siblings of Huo's location.

The three took a train to the Lower Ring, where they got off. Qi took the siblings down a dark alley that soon led to the house where Huo was being kept. Qi noticed that Aimei was standing guard, but she soon came up with an idea to distract the princess. Qi awoke soon and cheekily said how Aimei was gone. Now Aimei was gone, Qi managed to lead Maia and Liu into the house, where they began to fight Cici, Wang and Sha. In his fight with Cici, he quickly began to lose. Cici stole all of Liu's water, making him defenceless. Liu dodged countless disks of ice from Cici, and was beginning to lose when Maia and Qi jumped in and saved him.

When Sha and Wang were defeated by the others, Qi ran over to Huo and freed him. Just as they were about to leave, Aimei returned. Angered, Aimei summoned up four augmented fire rings and ten simultaneous fire whips, making it nearly impossible to defeat her. Knowing when to flee, Qi smacked Aimei in the face with air, temporarily stunning her before blasting Maia and her friends to safety with air propulsion.

The four soon came to a stop when they fell next to a pond. When they recovered, everyone thanked Qi for getting them out alive. Qi just said how she was happy to help. When Maia was confused about what to do next, Qi said how they were going to visit the Earth King and ask him about the Avatar.

Several days later, Liu and his friends had managed to arrange a meeting with Earth King Shoo's adviser: Xu. They arrived at Xu's house and he took them to the living room where they struck up a conversation. Xu explained how the Avatar was not in Ba Sing Se, much to everyone's disappointment. Nevertheless, Qi wanted to meet with Shoo and get him to send troops to help look for the Avatar. Xu agreed, but said that due to Shoo's tight schedule, the meeting would have to take place in two weeks.

Two weeks later, Xu took the four to the royal palace, which amazed Liu and his friends. When they arrived in the throne room, Shoo asked Maia to explain the plan. Maia said how Qi wanted troops sent around the Earth Kingdom to hurry the search for the Avatar, which Shoo reluctantly agreed to. After the four friends were alone on the streets of Ba Sing Se, Qi and Huo invited Maia and Liu to join them in the search, which they delightedly obliged.

The next day, Qi asked Shoo to take the Avatar to Republic City if he found the Avatar sooner, much to Shoo's surprise. Shoo was unwilling to do this and didn't like Qi's attitude. He therefore decided to fight Qi's group. Before the fight could descend into chaos, Liu and his friends fled onto the airship and took flight.

The Village of Hope

As Huo and Maia both fell ill, Liu and Qi were the only ones that could visit the Village of Hope. When Liu and Qi entered the village, they found it in ruins. Liu was approached by a man who thought that he was with the Earth King, but Qi quickly denied it. She explained how they were on a search for the Avatar. When the man said the Avatar wasn't in the village, he asked for the help of Qi and Liu. He said how a girl from their village named Yaya had been kidnapped and taken to a nearby prison; he wanted Qi and Liu to bust her out.

Liu and Qi came to a river where Liu waterbent a block of ice to travel across. However, the bridge soon crumbled and Liu dived in the pool to investigate, leaving Qi alone. He found a rogue crocodile in the water and quickly froze it in a block of ice.

At the prison, Qi led Liu into the guard room, where they knocked out all the guards and stole their uniform. Pretending to be guards, they walked outside to where all the prisoners were and told all the guards to get inside. However, when they approached the last guard and said that the warden asked him to be inside, the guard turned to them and said that he was the warden. While Liu fought the warden, Qi went to find Yaya. Liu fought with a sword made of ice and eventually trapped the warden in a slab of ice. He and Qi returned to the village with Yaya, where they were greeted like heroes.

The State of Yi

They soon reached the State of Yi, where Liu, Huo, Maia and Qi were greeted by the new governor. The governor gave them a tour of Yi, where they discovered it had modernised in many different ways. After the tour, the governor took Liu and his friends into his office, where he told Liu the Avatar wasn't in Yi. However, their meeting was interrupted by a clerk who told them that Aimei had landed in Yi.

Outside, Qi told the governor to make sure everyone was safe inside their homes, leaving Liu and his friends to fight Aimei's group. Liu began by duelling Wang. Once again, Liu formed his ice sword and used it to fight Wang, but Wang managed to knock Liu unconscious in a matter of seconds.

Seeing Liu unconscious, Maia carried Liu's body onto the airship and left him to rest and recover.


Fanon:The Adventures of Qi

Book One

104. "The Walled City"

105. "Rescue Mission"

106. "Earth King Shoo"

107. "Village of Hope"

108. "The Fate of Yi"

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