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Little Talks
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One Shot

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Katherine Rebekah

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July 25, 2015


This is an entry for the Fanonbenders Round 13. The challenge was to write a song fic. This is my second song fic, and it's a little weird, as I think most are. It takes place in an AU where Aang was killed during his showdown with Ozai and Katara became an assassin. It is based on "Little Talks" by Of Monsters and Men. I hope you enjoy.


Katara's breath was ragged and pain flared in her stomach. She stumbled up against the splintered wooden wall, hands grasping for support, leaving red streaks on the white wash.

She looked at the floor of the empty house where about a dozen Phoenix Empire Soldiers lay dead in pools of their own blood. Despite years of the killing, it still sickened her to look at them like that, lifeless, empty shells.

She leaned up against the wall and briefly removed a hand to look at her stomach. A gaping wound marred her side. She was half sure that it went straight through her, but she couldn't be positive. The amount of blood gushing from it forced her to reapply pressure.

Katara stumbled out of the room and into a hall way. She couldn't stay with those bodies, staring at her with accusatory, empty eyes. She shuffled into the hall, found a room, went in, and closed the door behind her, locking it with bloody, fumbling fingers.

She sank to her knees to see if she could heal it. But one proper glance at the hole and the amount of blood already soaking her clothes, Katara knew. She knew there was little to no hope of survival.

Upon that realization the pain grew far worse. She tried to hold back the sobbing. She knew it would only make the death come to her quicker, but she couldn't. Horrible, chest wracking sobs hit her. She wasn't ready to die.

Katara tried to wipe the tears from her eyes, tried to go down with a little bit of dignity. She only succeed in smearing crimson on her face and increasing her sobs. Because she was alone. She was only twenty one, and she had spent her life on vengeance, and now she would die alone.

Katara thought back to when it had all gone wrong in the first place.

She kneeled on the burnt shores of the Earth Kingdom, cradling his limp body in her arms. So much pain surged though her, but above it all was the question of why. Why hadn't she told him how she felt? Why did she treat him so horribly?

Katara hugged what remained of Aang's body to her chest and sobbed. She kissed him on the forehead, hoping all the while to feel the rise and fall of his breath against her skin. But it was a foolish wish. Dead boys didn't come back to life, no matter how much you loved them. Neither did dead brothers, or dead friends.

Katara had lost everything to Sozin's Comet. The world had lost everything to Sozin's Comet. She looked out across the charred landscape of the Earth Kingdom and swore revenge. Because maybe, just maybe, if she could make things right, then she would be alright too. Maybe the hollowness in her chest would go away.

Katara stopped clutching her stomach. She didn't have the strength for it. She allowed her body to fall limp on the floor, her face splashing in a pool of blood. It was fitting, she thought, her life had been drenched in blood, her death would be too.

She so wished that she had chosen a different route. Then maybe she wouldn't be alone, maybe the hollowness in her chest would have gone away, because revenge certainly hadn't eased her pain.

Katara took far too much pleasure in stabbing Ozai to death, but when she steeped back, examined the corpse, the job thoroughly done, she felt nothing of the peace she had expected. Only more sickness and anger.

So she moved on to Azula. It took years to finally take her down, but Katara managed. Still, she felt nothing. It had made nothing right.

By that time Katara knew nothing but killing and when Zuko took his father and sister's place as Phoenix King, Katara had no choice but to make him her new target. Even though by then she had realized that killing would never bring her peace. It seemed the fate she was doomed to.

The room was a fuzzy haze. Katara could feel her breathing getting ragged. She was slipping away, and an immense fear filled her at that thought.

She could hear the sound of the wind outside, it made the house creak. She thought of Aang, the wind always reminded her of him. She sometimes imagined that he was there, a spirit within it.

"I- I'm so sorry," she managed. "I just ... I don't want to die alone." Her eyes fluttered closed.

"Then take my hand." Katara opened her eyes at the sound of that voice, so warm, so familiar. It couldn't be, but it was. Aang sat beside her, his hand outstretched. He looked years older. She gingerly reached for his hand and took it. It felt warm and real.

"Aang?" She smiled, but then it quickly faded. "I'm so sorry."

"Shhh." He stroked her hair. "It's okay. I'm here now. Just close your eyes."

"It hurts." Tears welled up in Katara's eyes. "It hurts so bad."

"I know." Aang's eyes were full of anguish. "It kills me to see you like this. Just close your eyes, Sweetie. It will all be over soon. This ship will carry our bodies safe to shore."

"Ship?" Katara looked up and realized that they were no longer in the house but on a small rickety boat in the middle of the ocean. A blanket of stars spread above them, and the boat rocked gently.

"Shhh." He laid down beside her, still clasping her hand. "Close your eyes. Rest, Katara."

"I can't. There's this ..." She dropped off. "There's something keeping me awake."

"It's just your past talking. She doesn't want you to let go. She doesn't want you to rest."

"How can I let her go? How? When she is me?"

"Just think, back to a time before you knew her. When we were young, full of life and full of love."

"I can't tell anymore," Katara whispered, gazing directly into Aang's eyes. "I can't tell whether I am wrong or right."

"It's your mind playing tricks on you, Katara. You have to let go and rest."

"There is just so much death. So much screaming."

"I know. Try and drown it out."

"I can't. You were the first. You were gone. I watched you disappear. All that was left, my whole life, was your ghost."

Aang released a sigh, realizing what would have to be done. Her pain was rooted far too deep in him. "I know, Katara, and that's why you have to let me go too. Just let go of my hand. Close your eyes. We'll meet again soon."

"No! Please." Katara couldn't hold back her anguish. "Wait. I can't stay here alone. Wait with me, please."

"I can't, Sweetie." Aang gave a sad smile. "But don't worry. I'll see you when you fall asleep."

Katara couldn't hold back the tears. "So, if I let you go, she'll leave me. And this ship-"

"Don't worry." He gave her a kiss on the forehead, and she remembered how she had kissed him like that, just after she lost him. "This ship will carry your body safe to shore. I'll meet you there."

She looked down at their intertwined fingers. Slowly, she pulled her had away. It was physically painful, like her heart was being ripped out, but she pulled away and watched as Aang faded into nothingness.

She was alone.

One last tear rolled from Katara's eye.

One last breath crossed her lips.

She closed her eyes.

She finally let go.

A peace came over her.

She fell asleep on the floor of that old and empty house.

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