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Little Blue Stone
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December 12, 2013

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Chapter Three: Little Blue Stone

Chapter Three: Little Blue Stone – Part 1

You'll find it somewhere. Aang searched high and low around the abandoned quarry on the outskirts of Ba Sing Se. He spotted a green block of limestone. No, not green again... Blue... blue... blue... "Blue!"

He ran, he ran, in hopes of finding that specific colour which represented the clear, blue skies, the Water Tribe, and Katara's eyes.

It proved to be futile. It was a dark blue colour, bluer than it should be. The colour of the stormy, raging seas, the end of a day. But it wasn't the end, the start has yet to begin. It was nothing like the serenity of the flowing creek, the grand waterfall braving with passion and love.

Aang felt hollow, and even more a failure. He lay on the cold hard ground, hands sprawled awkwardly on the floor, in hopelessness, and in defeat. The 3-hour search for a single blue stone proved too much for the young boy, and he dreaded the thought that there might be even more obstacles coming up. Even searching for Ursa proved to be much easier.

He turned to his side, hand supporting his head, he closed his eyes, and let his eyes wander off for a while, the fantasies of him and Katara, skipping off to the sunset. I must do this for Katara. He unwillingly opened his heavy eyes, and looked to the other side.

The familiar colour surfaced before his eyes. The colour that would fit Katara the most when on her neck, the colour of freedom, and calmness. "BLUE!" All that he saw was a tiny stone, big enough to craft into a necklace, perfect.

He picked it up delicately, gazing at it in amazement, it was almost as perfect as Katara, its shiny and smooth surface was perfect for crafting.

He looked around; there were no replicas of the small piece of blue stone to be found. He stared at the blue stone in his hand, I guess there's no room for mistakes then. Everything must be perfect. He flew off, stone in hand.

Chapter Three: Little Blue Stone - Part 2

He stared at the stone, furrowing his eyebrows. The stone seemed to be staring right back at him. Now I've got the stone, so what? I have no idea what design to craft! He screamed in frustration, laying back on his chair.

He pinched his nose bridge, he squeezed his face together tightly, applying pressure on his facial muscles till it hurt. Think Aang think. It needs to be something that can represent the both of us, and our eternal love. Air and Water, dry and wet, wind and ocean, both mixed together. Eternal love? Then it hit him like Azula shooting him with lightning.

He took a blank sheet of paper, and picked up the brush at the end of his desk. Slowly, almost cautiously, he dipped the tip of the brush in the black ink. Aang breathed in, and out.

He started off with a circle on the paper, similar to the shape of the stone. In the middle, he drew the flower that was the ultimate symbol of love – the panda lily.

He drew the design with his heart, the stalk was ever that slightly leaning towards one side, while its winded leaves slowly appeared on the paper.

He set to work on its five petals, The black highlights represented by the two of the three sections of each petal, the white section bigger than the sides.

The furry center was complemented with the two anthers.

He separated the rest of the circle into two, in the pattern of the yin and yang, and on the left he drew the free, swirling patterns of air. And on the other side, the graceful, calm tranquility of the flowing water.

He admired his work in fascination. Well it did work out better than expected. He set his design on the canvas that was beside his work desk.

The next thing he saw was the blue stone that was patiently waiting for him. He looked from the gorgeous design on the paper, to the blank surface of the stone. Painting on the paper was easier, but carving on the stone? That was probably 3 times harder, besides he only had one stone, so there was absolutely no room for mistakes.

The pressure was getting to him. He started sweating. The heat from the stress was even warmer when he was stuck in that earth sphere, protecting himself from the Fire Lord's blasts.

"Aang?" Katara's voice was heard from the door.

"AHH!" Aang shrieked. Usually her voice would sound like music to his ears, but it sounded like Aang was caught red handed.

"Aang are you okay?"

"Err..." Aang airbended a nearby piece of cloth towards the canvas, and thankfully it settled perfectly on it, revealing nothing at all. "Yes, I-I'm okay Katara, come in!"

The door creaked open, and in went Katara's slender and beautiful figure. Aang smiled nervously.

"Did something happen?"

"No... Nothing, erm... Katara, what brings you here?" Simultaneously, the red velvet cloth slipped from the canvas, and the stunning artwork was revealed.

Aang gasped in horror while Katara awed at the drawing.

"It's beautiful, Aang."

"Erm... yeah, sorry Katara, can we talk outside?"


Little did Aang know, that the last thing that Katara saw, was the little blue stone that sat on his desk. Patiently waiting.

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