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Literature of the Duchy of Skibbington
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29/3/15 - present


Duke of Skibbington


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Welcome everyone to the Literature of the Duchy of Skibbington. It is a collection of the finest one-shot literature in the Duchy, written and selected by me - the Duke of Skibbington himself. In other words, it is a compilation of all one-shots that I wrote. It is done for the sake of easy navigation.

Sokka Repercussions of Zuko - Humour, 29/3/15

Repercussions of Zuko is a joke fanon, written as a parody of the infamous Doom Repercussions of Evil. It is made to tease the clichés and poor spelling of some of the lesser fanons around the internet.

Korra Improved Ending - Adventure, 11/5/15

My attempt at a transcript styled fanon. I thought there were many aspects of the ending of Book 4 that could afford to be changed in some ways, so I decided to rewrite the very ending. All in all, I do not think I shall be doing transcript form in the near future.

Avatar Who - Parody, 17/5/15

After seeing this image, I was inspired to write an Avatar themed parody of Doctor Who, staring the Avatar and his companions - Captain Sokka and Katara as they travel through time and space. I decided to parody the Doctor's most famous enemy, the Daleks.

Avatar Time - Parody, 17/5/15

Avatar Finn must master the four elements, Candy, Ice, Fire and Slime in order to defeat the evil Flame Kingdom in their quest to destroy the world.

Smoke in the Air - Adventure, 28/5/15

Philip Hellene of the Polybender Saga in his last days at the University of Logopolis. It was made for the Fanonbender's Fanontastic Fanon Contest round 12 with the instruction of introducing an original character.

The Tea House - Philosophy, 26/6/15

I like to include philosophy and speculation in my fanon as much as possible but could never find an appropriate reason to include it in depth. So here we go, a fanon where Jinora, Iroh and an OC drink tea and have a philosophical conversation.

No Bending in Class - Drama, 2/7/15

My attempt at writing in first person. This story is about two kids in class who experience radically different body temperatures and discover they are benders. It is set in our world, in Sydney, Australia.

Secret Airbenders - Drama, 3/7/15

Someone has been keeping their airbending a secret. Hiding it out of fear of being discovered and killed. This is actually the topic of my first fanon which has been scrapped and never made it off my hard drive.

Mako's Hell - Action, 4/9/15

An Avatar parody of Doom. Written for a fanfiction competition at

The Spirit of War - Epic, 2/5/16

My attempt at writing a Greek AU of Avatar, written in a similar style to Homer's epics - the Iliad and the Odyssey.

Honour Duke of Skibbington FFN AO3

Honour is a mini-series of mine, containing 3 chapters. It is an alternate history, the point of divergence being The Crossroads of Destiny, in which Zuko chooses the right path and fights Azula.

Honour: Ba Sing Se - Alternate history, 9/6/15

What if Zuko made the right choice in the Crystal Catacombs of old Ba Sing Se? According to, my most popular piece yet.

Honour: The Eclipse - Alternate history, 5/7/15

The much anticipated sequel to Honour. This is the second part of a three part one-shot series. This time, Zuko returns to his home with Team Avatar and the invasion force.

Honour: The Comet - Alternate history, 11/7/15

The end of the Hundred Year War. Zuko breaks out of his prison and battles his sister. He then meets a very familiar face.


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