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This is a list of minor characters present in MightyBrit's Child of Destiny.

Ran & Farsi

Ran & Farsi are two members of Aang's New Nomads and two of the first to answer his call to form a new Air Nomad society. Ran was a former Fire Nation soldier, who ashamed of his actions in the war, came to Aang and the New Nomads in search of redemption. Farsi was an Earth Kingdom peasant who lost everything in the destruction of the war. They found each other and eventually they had a child, which they named Diyi. Due to their steadfast belief in the New Nomad way of life, Diyi turned out to be the first airbending child born in over a century. Aang considered them shining examples of his new society and gave them living quarters close to his own. Neither were seriously hurt when Diyi was kidnapped, but neither saw the culprit.

The name 'Ran' comes from the dragon seen in The Firebending Masters, which shows his origins in the Fire Nation. Farsi is a traditional Indian name and an homage to one of MightyBrit's close friends.


Pantu is an active member of the Cult of Sozin who marched on Ba Sing Se to deliver a message to the Earth King from Zhao. He demanded the Earth King abandon his alliance with Fire Lord Zuko and surrender to the Cult in order to prevent the suffering of his people. The Earth King refused and then imprisoned Pantu for being a member of the Cult. Pantu attempted to fight back and kill the Earth King, but he was easily subdued by Toph Bei Fong and her metalbending skills. He was imprisoned in the underground prison at Lake Laogai and was visited by Toph, Aang and Zuko, where he informed an angry Zuko that the Cult of Sozin had his mother in captivity.

The name 'Pantu' comes from the romanized Chinese word for 'traitor,' indicating his betrayal of his nation and loyalty to the Cult of Sozin.

Han Dre

Han Dre is an ambassador who was hand picked by Fire Lord Zuko to represent the Fire Nation and promote peace in the Northern Water Tribe. He was well accepted into the Northern Water Tribe and became fast friends with Captain Hydros of the Northern Water Tribe, who frequently made fun of the fact that Han Dre easily gets seasick. Han Dre's home in the Fire Nation capital was destroyed by the Cult of Sozin in an act of terrorism against Fire Lord Zuko, which killed his younger sister. Hydros volunteered to take him home for the funeral, but Han Dre was determined to return to work as soon as he buried his sister. He was onboard Hydros' ship when Hydros attacked Sokka's ship believing it to be a boat belonging to the Cult of Sozin.

Han Dre is a name that MightyBrit thoroughly made up. It has absolutely no hidden meaning at all.


Arnook is the current chief of the Northern Water Tribe and the father of Yue. He remains unchanged from the original series, though in the ten years that have passed he has become good friends and allies with Sokka and Suki and trusts them implicitly.


Kuei is the reigning king of the Earth Kingdom. After his failure to deal with the betrayal of the Dai Li during the war, he sought out and hired Toph Bei Fong as a personal advisor and bodyguard, due to her ability to detect when she was being lied to. He grew a close bond with his bodyguard, even inviting her to a private meeting between himself, the Fire Lord and the Avatar despite the fact that she was not really supposed to be there. He maintains a good relationship with Fire Lord Zuko and the Fire Nation, even refusing to betray them after getting threatened by the Cult of Sozin.

Ty Lee

Ty Lee is second-in-command of the Kyoshi Warriors and a close personal friend of Suki. Despite the fact that they were enemies when they first met, Suki and Ty Lee have bonded greatly, enough that Suki trusts her with leading the Kyoshi Warriors and running the island of Kyoshi when she is away on her mission with Sokka. Ty Lee has also taught Suki the art of chi blocking, but Suki has been unable to master the art, though she's getting there. Despite the ten years that have passed, Ty Lee has kept her fun-loving and bubbly personality as well as her optimistic world view. She also still shares a close friendship with Mai and was visiting the Fire Lady and her family when they were attacked by an assassin working for the Cult of Sozin. Afterwards, Zuko commented that the assassin that attacked them ended up looking 'like a pretzel'.


Jeed is the chief advisor to Fire Lord Zuko. He tells Zuko all the worries and events that go on in the Fire Nation and then carries out the actions that Zuko decides. He is, in essence, Zuko's go-to guy to get stuff done in his government. Little else is known about him.


Guru Pathik has become a big help in his quest to restart the Air Nomads. He now lives permanently in the Western Air Temple with the rest of the New Nomads. He sensed the spirits building up in Farsi after she became pregnant. After Diyi was born, he gave the infant a simple test which showed the world that she was indeed an airbender and he shared in the celebration at her birth. After her kidnapping and Aang's departure to try and find her, Pathik remained with Katara to help run the New Nomads.

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