This is a list with all the Hikar Spiritual Force chapters.

Book 1: Metal (金)

# Episode Title Summary Airdate
101 New Cycle Part 1 Asami and the White Lotus find the New Avatar in a young Earth Kingdom kid named Hikar, and she tells it to her family and the Order. August 16, 2016
102 New Cycle Part 2 Ten years later, Hikar and his friends find out he is the new incarnation of the Avatar, and now he must know how to deal with his future dangers. August 22, 2016
103 The Red Triangle Three years later, Hikar finishes his Avatar training and is free to go back to Republic City, his home. But there, he will see that it's not enough to just master the four elements. August 31, 2016
104 Dark Secrets Hikar and the team go to a party to celebrate the new Avatar's training. But he will discover dark secrets about his master, and his family. September 6, 2016
105 Spiritual Advice Team Avatar tries to settle their first official mission, but first they need to figure out some things: Where's the Red Lotus based? Why can't Hikar enter the Avatar State? September 14, 2016
106 Denryoku Hikar and his Team Avatar set to the adventure to defeat Yurei, and they will encounter a new group of allies, consisting of nothing else than Hikar's long-lost cousin: Denryoku. September 25, 2016
107 Family Ties Team Avatar goes to stop Denryoku's plan on attacking th Dai Li. Meanwhile, Sterkur discovers a shocking truth about his wife, and Aria from her father. October 15, 2016
108 The Blue Delta Team Avatar arrives to the well known fluvial beach known as the Blue Delta, where they found the firebender of the Four Tetramasters, Tan, who'll teach something special to Hikar. Meanwhile, what are Yurei's plans? November 24, 2016
109 Desert Rift Hikar arrives to the place Yurei has told him to meet alone, there he finds Aria and Zeick. Meanwhile, Team Avatar heads to Omashu to see the rumors of having spotted Hikar in the city, but is it true? December 15, 2016
110 Curse Mode Activated Aria activates her mysterious Curse Mode, while the evil version of Hikar, Dark Hikar, pops out in the Dark Avatar State. Meanwhile, Team Avatar deals with the Red Lotus in Omashu. January 19, 2017
111 All Hail The Leader Shaila and three of the tetramasters head to the Red Lotus's base to the rescue of their friends. Aria and Hikar go under sugery to recover from their bruises thanks to Yurei, while Kensi, Bultina, Kosen and Tao, are mind controlled by some weird tiaras. February 17, 2017
112 Cold Air Hikar enters in the Avatar State, enraged, ready to crush Yurei and his maniatic plans to control him. Meanwhile, the tetramasters have to face the mind-controlled Team Hikar, but suddenly, Kensi get's back conciousness thanks to Shaila and Nikumi. Who will win this harsh battle? August, 2017

Book 2: Energy (氣)

# Episode Title Summary Airdate
201 Back to Basics TBA September, 2017
202 Kensi Alone TBA September, 2017
203 Friendly Warning TBA October, 2017
204 The Breakdown TBA November, 2017
205 The Spirit Pacifists TBA December, 2017
206 Save Revolution TBA January, 2018
207 Aria's Lost Days TBA February, 2018
208 The Limit TBA February, 2018
209 Celestial Mode Activated TBA March, 2018
210 The Last Chance TBA March, 2018
211 Fall of Hakai TBA April, 2018
212 Broken Rocks TBA August, 2018

Book 3: Unknown (未知)

# Episode Title Summary Airdate
301 The Dark in Within TBA August, 2018
302 Uncharted Territory TBA September, 2018
303 Welcome to Mars TBA September, 2018
304 Palmex TBA September, 2018
305 Origins: Part 1 TBA October, 2018
306 Origins: Part 2 TBA November, 2018

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