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This page is going to be updated (semi) regularly with major/minor demons that appear in 'Gods of War' chapters. Many of them are inspired by Hayao Miyazaki's works, along with actual Japanese folklore.

Book 1: The Republic

Smiling-Mask Demon

Smiling Mask demon
The Smiling-Mask Demons was first seen in Chapter 1: The Curse where it laid a curse on Fenn, becoming the main antagonist (though highly unseen) of Book 1. It is regarded as a highly malicious demon and apparently has the ability to haunt, as it appears as an apparition or hallucination many times to Fenn throughout the Book.

It's main ability is it can lay curses on people, first swallowing them in its viscous body then branding the victim with a mark. This mark gradually spreads across the victim's entire body, with the flesh underneath rotting.

It has metallic 'soles' on its feet and can change its body to many different shapes.

Giant Insect Demon

Insect demon
This demon made its only appearance in Chapter 2: Otto. It is a large, green beetle (about as big as a double-Decker bus). Using its strong mandibles it can chew through buildings but was no match for Fenn's firepower.

Eyeball Demon

Little demon
This demon made its only appearance in Chapter 4: The Green. In the chapter it met with Fenn at a lake in the Green and led him to a temple filled with demons. The demon is small and black with stumpy arms and legs and comprises mostly of a giant, bulging eye. It was the first demon not to be attacked by Fenn.

Sludge Demon

This demons appeared only in Chapter 5: Cloak and Dagger. It is a large pile of smelly sludge and where ever it goes it leaves behind a trail of its foul smelling slime. It was virtually indestructible, resistant to many of the Clandestine's attacks, but was easily destroyed by Tariq's laser.

Sludge Demon attacking a wall.

Red Demon

This demon was first mentioned in Chapter 1 on the news, where it was reportedly attacking in the Eastern Domain. This same demon was later seen in Chapter 7: Civil War, where Akira and Fenn found it dying in the basement of the Mapleday Chapel in the Eastern Domain. Instead of killing it, like he vowed to do to all demons, Fenn left with Otto and let Akira heal the creature.

The demon stands on two legs and has red skin and large, black eyes. The length of its claws can be changed at will.

Book 2: The Green

TBA. Book 2 will feature more demons than Book 1.

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