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By Keitonashita Part of the Shoji's Journey continuity.

This is basically a list of all the characters in the series, from the important ones to the minor ones. It may be useful, it may not. It is just a list. Some have character pages and others do not. Just work with me here. They should be organized in alphabetical order.

List of Characters

Aoki: Hisa's husband. Was captured in a Fire Nation raid on Tai Qing village.

Azula: The Princess of the Fire Nation. She is sly, evil, and smart. She has black hair and signature bangs that hang off both ends of her hairline. See Azula.

Cheng: A guard that is training under Dalian's mentorship. He is thirteen and quite a handful.

Dalian: A guard on the cargo ship Team Runaway stay on. He is sixteen. He helps out the group.

Eminy: Cheng's mother and Hisa's sister.

Hisa: Song's mother and Cheng's aunt. Friends with Mitsu.

Iandao: The second oldest member of the Yu Yan Archers. Although he can't shoot arrows very well, he is very good at making them.

Jiji: The owner of The Fire Nation Cafe. He is friendly and rather plump. He makes good tea. He is also a rather extensive gossiper.

Jin: Mitsu's fourteen-year-old daughter. She is friendly, kind, and goes with the flow.

Jio: Shoji's rather plump friend. He cannot Firebend, but he makes the most of what he can do, enjoying life to the fullest. He has a little sister named June and is also friends with Razin.

June: Sister of Jio and friend of Razin and Shoji. It is unknown whether she can Firebend or not. She has a crush on Razin, but denies it when anyone asks.

Kai: The youngest member of the Yu Yan Archers. She is an excellent archer and becomes close friends with On Ji.

Kaizuh: A member of the Yu Yan Archers. He is the father of Iandao. He is a large, rather burly man who enjoys sitting back and playing his pipa.

Kuzon: A boy from the Earth Kingdom colonies that Shoji befriends. Has black hair and wears a headband, supposedly to cover up a large scar he has. He is friendly and smart. It is discovered he can earthbend, so it is unknown whether he is really from the colonies.

Mai: Azula's friend. She has stilettos under her sleeves, always ready for use. She is a "hate-the-world" kind of person, but as Zuko once said, she is beautiful when she does. See Mai.

Master Raul: The Firebending teacher at the school. He is quirky and thoughtful. When he asks Shoji to train under him, he tells him to call him "just Raul." Master Raul may be part of the Order of the White Lotus.

Master Zhang: The music teacher of the school. See Fire Nation Music Teacher.

Mitsu: Mother of Jin and friends with Hisa.

Ms. Kwan: The strict Fire Nation teacher that is head of Shoji's classroom. See Ms. Kwan.

On Ji: A Fire Nation girl who it friendly with Shoji. She has brown hair and chocolate brown eyes. She is kind, helpful, and happy. She lives a privileged life. Her parents are not usually home, so she stays at Shoji's house a lot.

Oomi: A man with a curly gray beard. He sells 'exotic' clothing from the four nations in a shop by the main harbor of the Fire Nation.

Ozin: The stable hand at the stables. He is about sixteen and eagerly sells off the creatures in the stables.

Razin: Shoji's tall and skinny friend. He can Firebend, but that doesn't mean he's good at it. He is a good friend of Jio and June.

Shoji: A Fire Nation boy who befriends Kuzon. He has medium brown hair and olive green eyes. He is friendly, kind, and thoughtful, but sometimes he is confused and angry. He lives with his mother and father, but his father is often at the capitol, so Shoji doesn't see him as much.

Song: Fifteen-year-old daughter of Hisa. She is skilled in medicine. She is compassionate, understanding, generous, and trusting.

Taro: An older man that runs the shop "Taro's Goods" in Tai Qing. He is good friends with Song and her mother.

Tij: An ostrich horse On Ji buys from Ozin. It stayed with On Ji for a short while before it was shot.

Tiji: A baby koala sheep On Ji adopted. Its unofficial name is Tij Jr. because it was named for Tij. Hopefully it will not have the same tragic end.

Ty Lee: Azula's friend. She is quite the acrobat. She has the ability to remove people's bending for periods of time by pinpointing them in the right spots. See Ty Lee.

Yu Yan Archers: The Yu Yan Archers are an impressive assortment of people with strange mask-like markings on their faces. The youngest two in the group befriend Shoji and On Ji.

Zuko: The Crown Prince of the Fire Nation. Appears in Deception, but does not have a major role. A confused boy who does not know his true path or destiny yet. See Zuko.

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