Book One: Deceit

Chapter 1

What Council Meeting?

The main characters of Avatar: Beyond the Comet are introduced.
Chapter 2

The Reconstruction Council

Liv arrives just in time for a very important meeting of the Reconstruction Council,
which has not been convened for years.

Chapter 3 Impressions

Kya experiences two very different dreams and comes to a startling realization.

Chapter 4 Lightning War, Part I Kya and her friends accompany Team Avatar to the Fire Fountain City, where they prepare to suppress a sudden revolt.
Chapter 5 Lightning War, Part II Separated into groups, the team pursues the rebels and engages in combat.
Chapter 6 Shattered Nothing that Kya knew is what it seemed to be.
Chapter 7 Fire and Ice As she struggles to come to terms with the truth, Kya lashes out at her friends.
Chapter 8 Onslaught Just when Kya starts to believe that her problems are somewhat resolved, everything takes a huge turn for the worse.

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