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ATLOM Logo By ShizukuTsukishima Part of the Avatar: The Legend of Miranda continuity. (Updates for this series)

This is a list of Avatar: The Legend of Miranda chapters.

Book One: Start (開始)

Title Publishing date Book # Legend #
"A New Beginning" July 5, 2016 Prologue 0

A brief summary is given on what happened to Avatar Korra throughout her life. Her time came to an end, and like the cycle of the seasons, the cycle of the Avatar began anew.

"Home Sweet Gaoling" July 24, 2016 1 1

In Gaoling, Miranda, the Avatar after Korra, her best friend Dandelion, and the Avatar's animal companion, a blue jay named Ming, learn that Guardian Su, the Earth Guardian of their region, has been kidnapped by the evil scientist Lady Li-Hua. The following day, Miranda discovers that the earthbenders are not able to bend. With Guardian Su gone, and the closest Earth Guardian being Guardian Tyro from Ba Sing Se, Miranda, her younger brothers Willy and Myrdin, Dandelion, and Ming go on a journey to find Guardian Tyro.

"Smoke and Darkness" July 26, 2016 2 2

Lady Li-Hua has kidnapped Earth Guardian Su. Mir arrives in Ba Sing Se, being told that his meeting with the Earth Prince isn't until next week. Team Avatar enters a spooky forest; and they have to deal with Lady Li-Hua's Green Smoke.

"The Friends You Haven't Met" July 28, 2016 3 3

Lady Li-hua has kidnapped two more Earth Guardians. Team Avatar arrives in Ba Sing Se where they sleep over at Guardian Tyro's house. He gives Miranda his Earth Amulet to make sure it'll be safe. Tyro tells them that he is going to go on a journey to the Foggy Swamp to find the firebender Huang-Gi, who worked for Lady Li-Hua before and may know how to stop her. However, Tyro is kidnapped by Li-Hua.

"Journey to the Foggy Swamp" July 29, 2016 4 4
Team Avatar flies on the flying bison Yakul to the Foggy Swamp to find Huang-Gi. On their way, they meet Zing Dang, leader of the Laogai Village. When they finally reach the Swamp, Huang-Gi joins them on their mission. Meanwhile, Li-Hua reveals her plan for her Earth Guardians.
"The Union Point" July 31, 2016 5 5
Miranda manages to defeat Lady Li-Hua and free the Earth Guardians and her friends. However, Li-Hua and her assistant Pei Qi manage to escape.
"Return to Gaoling" August 4, 2016 6 6
Team Avatar returns to Gaoling. They learn that Lady Li-Hua and her assistant Pei Qi have kidnapped Zing Dang, so they go to Lake Laogai to look for him.
"The Laogai Village" August 20, 2016 7 7
While in Laogai Village, Team Avatar joins Nora on her search for Zing Dang. Meanwhile, Lady Li-Hua searches for a purple berry she wants to use in her purple smoke, which she plans to take over the Earth Kingdom with.
"The Oracle of Laogai" September 9, 2016 8 8
Team Avatar and Nora find the great Oracle of Laogai, who tells them to go to the Misty Palms Oasis to find Zing Dang.
"The Spiritbender" September 9, 2016 9 9
The group arrives at the Misty Palms Oasis and meet a spiritbender who tells them that Lady Li-Hua, Pei Qi are on their way to the oasis with Zing Dang; Lady Li-Hua knows that the purple berries are in the inn.
"A Missed Friend" September 11, 2016 10 10
Team Avatar fights Lady Li-Hua and Pei Qi, and though they manage to set Zing Dang free, Lady Li-Hua and Pei Qi manage to escape with the purple berries. Later, Zing Dang and Nora share a kiss.
"Tyro's Apprentice" September 12, 2016 11 11
Miranda and her friends leave Laogai Village and are met by Guardian Tyro in Gaoling; he wants Miranda as his apprentice. He wants Team Avatar to come to Ba Sing Se in two days, unaware of the fact that Pei Qi is nearby and hears each word they say.
"Back in the City" September 14, 2016 12 12
Team Avatar returns to Ba Sing Se. There, unknown to everyone, Pei Qi is disguised as one of the apprentices.
"The Young Masters" September 16, 2016 13 13
Miranda meets the other apprentices, but they are a bit special. Later, unknown to her, they prove to be Lady Li-Hua, Pei Qi, and another ally of them named Tara.
"The Big Day" September 18, 2016 14 14
It is the day of the opening of the Agrarian Park, but Miranda soon discovers who has infiltrated the event.
"The Showdown of Ba Sing Se" September 18, 2016 15 15
The purple smoke makes all the people of the city panic. However, Team Avatar is defeating Pei Qi, though he manages to escape later. Tara proves to be against Lady Li-Hua as well and explodes her, the palace and herself.
"The Agrarian Park" September 18, 2016 Epilogue 0

Miranda is depressed because she didn't really fight Lady Li-Hua and is worried about not being a good Avatar. However, after a talk with her father, she realizes that she has to, alongside with being the Avatar, also find out what she wants to do with her life as a person. Later, the Earth Queen finally declares the Agrarian Park opened.

Book Two: Disease (疾病)

Title Publishing date Book # Legend #
"The Chosen One" September 19, 2016 Prologue 0

After the breakout of the Virus of the Dead Lotus, a lot of people have died, though due to the strict rules of Ba Sing Se, nearly no one was infected by the virus there. However, after a workshop outside the city, four people, who are somehow related to the Agrarian Park, possibly became infected: Myrdin, Dandelion, Mei, or Mike. After the blood tests somehow became interchanged, these four persons had to retake them, and now, everyone is waiting for the answers of who is the one.

"The Shocking Truth" September 19, 2016 1 16

Willy learns that Dandelion is one of those who might have been infected and apologies his behavior to her. Mei becomes hospitalized. Mike learns that Zing Dang has moved out and decides to check up on Nora. However, the two of them are interrupted by a phone call from Mei, who tells her mother that she is hospitalized. The doctor tells them that Mei has fifty percent chance to survive the Virus. Wilbert crashes when he learns that Mei is sick, and Min says she is sorry that she wrote mean things about her. Myrdin spends his day with Mei at the hospital. William thinks Moon and Sun show no respect at home. He suggested that they can move in with Wilbert, but Miranda is totally against that. Nora has a total breakdown at the hospital, telling her daughter that she cannot live without her. Mei tells her to leave the room before she breaks down herself.

"New Projects" October 13, 2016 2 17

During the council meeting of the day, Willy presents his idea, the "Agrarian City", where the Agrarian Park Hotel will offer multiple things to keep the guests mostly at the hotel. Neither Dandelion nor Miranda likes this, and William thinks it's best to have a new meeting in a few days so that they can think of the ideas. Dandelion and Willy later present their ideas of revitalization for the hotel, including building a shopping mall. Miranda is negative to the suggestions and thinks William is always against her. Miranda and William fight about the new revitalization plans for the hotel. However, the council later decides to release the project, the Agrarian City, to Miranda's dismay. William plans to build a medical heart clinic on the Agrarian Park Hotel and has a secret meeting with a person. William tells Miranda about his plans and that he wants it to be build instead of other planned things in the "Agrarian City" concept. He wants to wait a couple of weeks before telling Willy about it. However, William decides to tell him about it earlier. Willy believes Miranda is involved in it as well and yells at her. Miranda tells William that she is not supporting him anymore. William realizes that he does not have the support from Miranda about the Heart Studio and intends to give Mei a try, though he later decides to leave the project dead because he is afraid that it will come between him and Miranda. However, Miranda thinks he deserves to present the project at an annual general meeting. Miranda goes to Willy to deliver the invitation and tells him that she wants to vote for the fact that the Heart Studio substitutes the Agrarian City. Willy yells at her because she does not show her loyalty to the family anymore.

"Double Date" November 9, 2016 3 18

William makes Sun and Moon move into Wilbert's apartment. Sun is excited, though Moon is not very happy about the news. Sun and Wilbert share multiple kisses, something Moon does not like. Some people believe that Myrdin and Mei are in love, but the two of them agree that they are just friends. When Mei asks Myrdin if he was scared when he believed he might have been sick, Myrdin explodes and leaves the hospital. Willy has asked Team Delta to write a false valuation report, showing a much lower worth of the chain's hotels in the Fire Nation. William and Willy vote for saling, and with Willy's double vote in the Council, it is concluded. Moon asks Min out for a date. Zing Dang gets a job offer in the Northern Water Tribe. After first being against it, Min thinks he should say yes to the offer. Huang-Gi has got a new apartment, so she can live there. Zing Dang decides to leave, and he also says goodbye to Mei and Nora. Mei feel tired at the hospital and goes to sleep. She has a black wound on her arm. Nora spots Mei's wound and calls for help. Mei is brought out for a healing session, and it is proved to be the Virus. However, her state is balanced eventually. William wants Huang-Gi to run the Agrarian Garden while Nora has temporary closed it. He promises to give Huang-Gi a clothing store if she manage to keep the flower shop up and running. Moon and Min are on a date, and they share a kiss. Moon prevents Miranda from going into the apartment while Wilbert and Sun kiss intensely. Wilbert feels guilty, and invites Min for a common mover night. Moon dislikes the fact that Sun and Wilbert snuggle, and it whole ends with Min leaving early. William is suspicious by the fact that Myrdin offer ten percent over tariff on the hotels in the Fire Nation. However, he still votes for saling during the council meeting, to Miranda's horror.

"Busted" November 10, 2016 4 19

Moon invites Min out on a new date, but it ends with Min leaving while they kiss. Nora wants Mike to move into her and Mei, but Miranda thinks Mike should tell Nora about his feelings for her first. Miranda finds Sun and Wilbert kissing, getting that angry that she enter the Avatar State.

"Family Drama" November 15, 2016 5 20

Miranda and William fight after Miranda found Sun and Wilbert kissing. Miranda thinks Sun is too young for Wilbert, and that he is exploiting her, but William does not agree. Miranda wants Sun to move back to her again. Moon also packs his things, but Wilbert convinces him to stay. Mike pays Nora's utility bill without telling her. Moon goes to say apologize to Min after their embarrassing date yesterday. Min is disappointed and says she does not want to be used so that Moon can find out who he is. Moon gets sad, though Min assures him that she thinks he is amazing and that she do not want him to be afraid of being himself. Miranda learns from Sun that it was William who suggested her and Moon to move into Wilbert in first place. Miranda and William fight again, and it ends with Wilbert heading to the Agrarian Park Hotel to sleep there. Wilbert tells William that Sun only was a tease, something William does not like. Sun plans to escape to Ember Island with Wilbert, but when she realizes that Wilbert does not want, and only look at her as a tease, she crashes. She tells Miranda that he wants to travel back to the Fire Nation.

"Preparations" November 20, 2016 6 21

Min is going to run an auction on the Agrarian Park Hotel to support the hospital in healing those who are infected by the Virus of the Dead Lotus. Mei wants to be there, but Nora thinks her immune system is too weak. The day before the auction, Min plans to auction off stars from the Pink Lotus. Dandelion is somewhat skeptical to the suggestion. Sun nearly forces Moon to come with her to Ember Island. Wilbert tells Moon that he is going to miss him. Sun and Moon later say goodbye to Miranda, though what Wilbert said made Moon change his mind, and Sun must leave alone.

"The Auction" November 24, 2016 7 22

Wilbert is happy after learning that Moon decided to stay in the Ba Sing Se, and asks him to move back again. Miranda tells William that it is best if Moon live with her. Min struggles with having responsibility for the auction alone, and it does not get better when the stars who are supposed to be auctioned off chooses to quit. Luckily, Moon shows up, and Myrdin and some other staff members let themselves being auctioned off. It is a great bunch of people on the auction. Mei ignores her mother's instructions about staying at home, and goes to the auction where she speaks about being sick. Huang-Gi visits William at his office. Min starts the auction, and multiple things are being sold. After that, a dinner with Myrdin is auctioned off for fifty thousand yuan after a longer bidding round. In the end, it is Miranda who winds the bidding round with her brother. After the auction, William and Huang-Gi kiss inside the lobby office. Moon and Wilbert hang out on the Agrarian Park Restaurant. Suddenly, Moon kisses Wilbert, but Wilbert rejects him.

"The General Meeting" January 10, 2017 8 23

Willy and William realize that the Agrarian Park is not big enough for both the Agrarian City and the Heart Studio, thus they decide to have a general meeting in order to choose one of the projects. Rose, Myrdin, Dandelion, and Willy are trying to convince Miranda to vote for the Agrarian City rather than the Heart Studio, and they are using the fact that she is the only one in the family who is against the Agrarian City against her. Miranda tells William that she no longer supports the Heart Studio, but the Agrarian City. By that, the general meeting is cancelled.

"The Crossroads of Love" 2017 9 24


"Wilbert Alone" 2017 10 25


"Healing" 2017 11 26


"The Lack of Forgiveness" 2017 12 27


"The Search for Jin-Zul, Part 1" 2017 13 28


"The Search of Jin-Zul, Part 2" 2017 14 29


"Separation" 2017 15 30


"Virus of the Dead Lotus, Part 1" 2017 16 31


"Virus of the Dead Lotus, Part 2" 2017 17 32


"Virus of the Dead Lotus, Part 3" 2017 18 33


"Virus of the Dead Lotus, Part 4" 2017 19 34


"Virus of the Dead Lotus, Part 5" 2017 20 35


"After That" 2017 Epilogue 0


Book One: Start (開始)
Prologue: A New Beginning - Chapter 1: Home Sweet Gaoling - Chapter 2: Smoke and Darkness - Chapter 3: The Friends You Haven't Met - Chapter 4: Journey to the Foggy Swamp - Chapter 5: The Union Point - Chapter 6: Return to Gaoling - Chapter 7: The Laogai Village - Chapter 8: The Oracle of Laogai - Chapter 9: The Spiritbender - Chapter 10: A Missed Friend - Chapter 11: Tyro's Apprentice - Chapter 12: Back in the City - Chapter 13: The Young Masters - Chapter 14: The Big Day - Chapter 15: The Showdown of Ba Sing Se - Epilogue: The Agrarian Park
Book Two: Disease (疾病)

Prologue: The Chosen One - Chapter 1: The Shocking Truth - Chapter 2: New Projects - Chapter 3: Double Date - Chapter 4: Busted - Chapter 5: Family Drama - Chapter 6: Preparations - Chapter 7: The Auction - Chapter 8: The General Meeting - Chapter 9: The Crossroads of Love - Chapter 10: Wilbert Alone - Chapter 11: Healing - Chapter 12: The Lack of Forgiveness - Chapter 13: The Search for Jin-Zul, Part 1 - Chapter 14: The Search for Jin-Zul, Part 2 - Chapter 15: Separation - Chapter 16: The Virus of the Dead Lotus, Part 1 - Chapter 17: The Virus of the Dead Lotus, Part 2 - Chapter 18: The Virus of the Dead Lotus, Part 3 - Chapter 19: The Virus of the Dead Lotus, Part 4 - Chapter 20: The Virus of the Dead Lotus, Part 5 - Epilogue: After That

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