Thunderstorm By The Snowbold Part of the The Rise of Lirin continuity.
Biographical information

Fire Nation

Birth place

Royal Palace




378 AG


879 AG

Physical description






Hair color


Eye color


Personal information
Weapon of choice


Bending style(s)

Firebending, Airbending, Waterbending


Zorin (father), Ursa (sister), Rishu (grandfather), Lira (grandmother)


Luei, Qon

Chronological and political information

Avatar, Prince


Fire Nation


Ursa, Tala


Arein Rohan

Lirin is the Avatar born after Avatar Tala passed. Not only was he born into the Fire Nation, he was born into the Fire Nation's Royal Family after his sister, Ursa. Lirin is a laid-back young man who enjoys his rank in his homeland.


Lirin was born in 378 AG after Avatar Tala died. Since his sister was the Crown-Princess, he was given a lot of freedom regarding how to behave and grew into a notorious ladies' man. He mastered firebending at an incredible rate, presumed to be because of his line. He celebrated his manhood early, at fifteen. The Fire Sages interrupted his event when they announced he was the Avatar.

Lirin didn't want to be the Avatar but his father was excited, hoping that he would learn discipline. Lirin studied airbending in the Whispering Canyon Temple with Clan Rohan. He then traveled to the mainland to learn waterbending under the famed mercenary Ralyn's son.

At the age of twenty, Lirin finally mastered the element of waterbending after four hard years of work. With earthbending left, tensions between the Earth Kingdom and the Fire Nation began to get bad, but Lirin dismissed the danger as just hype.


Lirin is the Avatar and a descendant of Rishu, meaning he is a very powerful bender. Lirin has mastered three of the elements by the age of twenty.

Firebending: Lirin was grandson to Rishu, he inherently had a prodigious level of firebending that was attributed to his family bloodline. Lirin does not bend an irregular flame, but he is still incredibly powerful and skilled. Lirin mastered firebending at fifteen. Lirin also knows how to perform the ancient Wrath of Fire and is developing his own technique, Tennohi.

Airbending: Lirin began training in airbending under Clan Rohan in the Whispering Canyon Temple in the Fire Nation. He was incredibly adaptive and took to the element quickly, mastering it in one year.

Waterbending: Lirin had an incredibly difficult time learning waterbending. It took him four years to attain a level of mastery and Lirin was excited to begin his next element.


  • Lirin is named in honor of his grandmother, Fire Lady Lira.
  • Lirin has eyes that 'shift'. His family has become known for their dark eyes; but Avatars usually have eyes representative of the bending discipline they are born in. Lirin's eyes can flash between an Amber-Gold or a Black. This has further helped him to enamor women, as most consider it attractive.
  • If Lirin had a theme song, it would be Radioactive from Imagine Dragons.
  • A negative trait of Lirin is his womanizing, it will have a negative side effect later on.
  • Lirin coincidentally shares a name with a Mod Soul from the Bleach anime.

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