By The Snowbold Part of the The Journey of Tala continuity.
Lio Jinora
Biographical information

Air Nomad

Birth place

Air Temple Island


Air Temple Island

Physical description


Eye color


Personal information
Weapon of choice

Bending, Air Glider Staff

Bending style(s)



Hava Jinorra (brother), Qatil Jinorra (son)


Omashu, Northern Fortress, Order of the White Lotus, United Forces, Water Tribes


Fire Nation, Earth Kingdom, mercenary companies

Chronological and political information

Clan Elder, Chair of United Republic Council, Head of Clans


Councilor Lio Jinora is the Head Elder of Clan Jinora and older sister to Hava Jinorra. As the eldest child of the main line of the Clan, she was born into the mantle of leadership. A master airbender, she is the Chair of the Republic City Council and represents the Air Nomads.


Lio Jinora was born on Air Temple Island and soon became recognized as the most powerful airbender in the world. She had a little brother, Hava, known for his miserable bending in comparison. Lio became councilor on Republic City's council at the age of twenty.

Yangchen airbending

Lio was one of the most powerful airbenders in the world.

Lio Jinora was not unchallenged in her status as most powerful airbender. Soon, none other than her comical display of a brother, come out and beat Lio in a duel, meant to make a point of power.

Lio grew into her role and even became head of the clan. She had a son, Qatil who showed amazing potential. As she continued, she eventually became head of all the Air Clans as well as Chairwoman of the Republic Council, making her one of the most powerful leaders in the world, with a reach as far as the Western Air Temple and leadership over Republic City.

Things did not stay idyllic for the master airbender. Her nearly adult son who was on the verge of earning his tattoos, Qatil, was then caught up in one of the greatest scandals in the Clan's history, murder. Qatil was convicted of murder, despite his claim of self-defense. However, Lio could not bring herself to kill her own son, so she excommunicated him. Soon after she heard of him in a dangerous situation and sent her brother Hava to retrieve him, he returned claiming that he was gone.

Lio took a much more serious and somber approach to life after the death of her son. And her leadership of Republic City reflected this. Lio was Chair of the Council as tensions between the Fire Nation and Republic City worsened. First with the withdrawal of Fire Nation forces to the United Forces and then anti-piracy policies that target powerful, but connected criminals in Republic City.

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