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Air Nomads


Hiqao, Southern Air Temple

  • Hiqao
  • Southern Air Temple
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Lyo, Tirriu



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Bounty Hunter


Leader of the Hiqao Hunters


Hiqao, Hiqao Hunters

Linjon is an airbending master and the son of Lyo. He was a leader of the Order of Wan and later the founder of the Air Republic. Unlike the new Air Nation, Linjon ignored his nomadic teachings and dedicated his life to creating a more powerful society for airbenders, resulting in a centuries long conflict between the Air Republic and the Air Nomads and their allies.


Linjon was born in the Southern Air Temple and was moved to Hiqao and raised by Lyo and his mother. He spent years going between the Southern Temple and Hiqao until he mastered airbending at the Southern Temple. It wasn't long until he heard of the attack on Hiqao by the Bouchang Pirates.

When he came back to Hiqao a few days later, he found the leader, Tirriu, and spoke with him about the attack. Learning where the pirates most likely were at that point and who their leader was, he helped another airbender named Guang and a number of waterbenders put together their own naval force with the permission of the Southern Water Tribe. Linjon would not be going with them however, and he returned to the Southern Temple there after.

It wasn't long before the pirates they captured were turned over to the southern Tribe and imprisoned. The southern Tribe then gave him more ships to use, and he continued capturing pirates, but eventually his group turned into bounty hunters.


By the time Linjon returned to Hiqao, he was an airbending master, able to create gusts of wind so powerful he could split a pirate ship in half.

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