By Agent Slash Part of the Slashverse continuity.

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18 (103 AG)
27 (112 AG)
30 (115 AG)

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Suki, Rong, Bo, Feng, Ty Lee, Aang, Katara, Sokka, Toph, Zuko, Ai, Yukio, Gahno, Ren, Kuong, Otaka, Nabi


Tai Kun, Bai Lung, Kang Dae, Shun, Hong Wu/Hong Shu, Shuang, Yanshu, Chong, Yakone, Lin Hui, Zhi Jing, Yazdalia, Kela the Screamer, Mai

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Earth Kingdom, His friends

First appearance

The Beginning of a New Adventure

Last appearance

Our Brightest Hour

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Agent Slash


Pre-Suki's Story

Ling was born in a small Earth Kingdom village. When he was four years old his parents divorced and he moved with his father to Ba Sing Se. After moving to Ba Sing Se, Ling studied Earthbending and quickly excelled past his classmates in skills. When he was fifteen years old, his home town of Gaipan was destroyed by a catastrophic flood and his mother was one of the few villagers to die in the flood. Three years later, Ling has become a master Earthbender.

Book 1

After leaving Ba Sing Se, Ling decided to take a trip to Kyoshi Island. Shortly after he arrived, he found himself right in the middle of an encounter with the Zhiming Assassins. More Coming Soon

Book 2

More Coming Soon


Ling is not like most Earthbenders. He is not blunt or stubborn; he has a peaceful personality and is always nice to everyone he meets. His friends usually come to him when they need advice. However, he hates jerks and does not tolerate them.


Slash Trilogy

Suki's Story

Avatar: Into the Light

Other Fanons



  • Ling's name was originally going to be Ning, which was given to another character.
  • Ling was created as an Avatar version of Agent Slash.

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