By M1O Part of the Errant Flame continuity.
"Hey, if Firebenders sneeze, do flames shoot out of their noses?"
—you're thinking of setting that up sometime, aren't you Ling?

Ling is a trained Earth and Metalbender who had the good fortune to be apprenticed to a leading authority on metalworking as an art form, the Steely Beams. She is a hard and fast worker, but sometimes is too fast and needs to slow down in order to better carry out an assignment or appreciate the little things in life.

"What are you talking about, he clearly shot fire outta his nose!"
"Only because you told him to."
"Aww, you're no fun."

Early Life

Ling was born in a mountain village in the northern Earth Kingdom. In her youth, she knew the previous Avatar as a grandmotherly figure. However, one day the Avatar told the young girl that she would be going on a much longer journey than normal and that she did not know when she would be back. At the time, Ling was only concerned with where her grandmother was going off to next, because usually she knew beforehand and could anticipate what stories and gifts she would receive. But, weeks turned to months and months turned to years, and eventually Ling's family found it necessary to move. This proved devastating to the young girl who thought that grandmother would be unable to find them if they moved.

In time, Ling came to terms with the realization that the Avatar would not be coming back, not as she knew her. Even so, she devoted herself to helping her family and friends as the common citizens of the Earth Kingdom entered a slow decline. Although life was rough for a brief period, eventually the family settled down into the groove of the working life of Ba Sing Se. While Ling enjoyed relative comfort, she sought to travel the world and find the Avatar again. It was a great boon, then, that her hard and fast, if imprecise, work was recognized by a group of master Metalbenders, and that she would get the chance she waited for after some years. She reminded herself constantly that it would not be the same, but she just wanted to know, to be absolutely sure...

Character & Abilities

Ling is very confident in her abilities as an Earth and Metalbender, but she takes care not to take on more than she can handle. This is good, because otherwise the duties of metalworking would have broken her a long time ago. Ling enjoys messing around and is known to plow through her work in order to get to the reward at the end. This can be good and bad, as she is also known for being very prompt but, with duties she is less skilled at, not thorough. More often than not, Ling's products are merely adequate, so her apprenticeship to the Steely Beams will ideally give her a better sense of direction for her endless energy. Oh wait, Ling abandoned her instructor in order to travel with the Avatar. Nonetheless, Ling has a strong sense of duty, it is merely that there are few people and things that she considers to have a duty to.

Ling's energy extends to her social interaction as well, and at times she can appear hyperactive and suffering from an attention deficit disorder. While she may very well be, Ling is mostly used to working at high speeds and wishes that others would keep up, and so she does not consider herself impatient, but those she works with do. Still, when Ling does take the time to slow down and carry out a delicate task, she can be very devoted and discerning of care and detail. Because of all this, Ling finds it easy to make fast friends but difficult to invest in more meaningful friendships as she did with the last Avatar. Although Ling realizes that Kim is not the same Avatar as the one she knew in her youth, she has resolved to help wherever she can.

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