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Biographical information
Birth place

Fire Nation Capital


665 AG

Physical description


Hair color


Eye color

Dark Gray

Personal information
Bending style(s)

Waterbending, Earthbending, Airbending and Firebending


Expert combatant.

Chronological and political information


Avatar Lineok is one of the most powerful Avatars. He is the successor of Avatar Ultima.


Born and raised in the Royal Palace of Fire Nation, where he mastered Firebending, he later discovered that he is the Avatar he later traveled to Neo Republic City to train and master the three elements that still he has no mastered. After his training, He traveled to the Ancient Wan Shi Tong's Library where he discovered the Advanced Bending Styles that his predecessors mastered, And started training them travelling to different places in the world where his predecessors lived.


Lineok is the Avatar and Descendant of Avatar Ultima, meaning that he would be one of the most powerful Avatars that ever existed. Lirin mastered all elements at the age of twenty.

  • Firebending: His Firebending is very powerful, to the point that he can easily control Lightning. He trained Firebending with Five Prodigies and Experimented Master Firebenders, and defeated them all. After travelling to the Wan Shi Tong's Library he discovered the use of Gravitybending, That is only an Electromagnetical camp of Purified Lightning.
  • Earthbending: One of his predecessors is Avatar Calapis, The most powerful earthbender Avatar in the history, The earthbending that Lineok possesses is very advanced, He can Metalbend and Lavabend. In Avatar State he can't Metalbend full purified metals, a technique that only Avatar Calapis used in the history.
  • Airbending: His predecessor, Avatar Ultima was the most powerful Airbender in the Avatar's history. Lineok in Avatar State can easily fly. Later in Lineok history he mastered the ability to fly without using Avatar State.
  • Waterbending: One of his predecessors, is Avatar Potum, One of the most powerful Waterbenders in the Avatar's history, in Avatar State, Lineok can use Sodiumbending and Self-Bloodbending. This techniques are very useful.

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