Lineage Part One: The Apple Doesn't Fall Far
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Lineage Part Two: From The Tree


The peace of the afternoon is shattered by Lu Ten's screams of anger as the young prince was struck in the head by Tengu's sansetsukon.

"What the hell do you think you're doing!" he yelled at Tengu as his new instructor pulled his weapon back. They'd been on the move for about four days since Des attacked them. During that time Tengu had been working them like dogs. Sora was used to Tengu's training after several years of it but Lu Ten and Ursa II were having trouble adapting.

"Winning." was Tengu's short reply. "Now come at me again. And this time be ready." Lu Ten groaned as he assumed a fighting stance. Tengu put his segmented staff away and took a similar stance. Ursa II and Sora watched from the sidelines as Lu Ten opened with a quick jab. A jet of fire shot out of his fist and raced towards Tengu, who jumped in the air and threw a condensed ball of air at the prince. Lu Ten rolled out of the way and took a deep breath before blowing a small ball of fire from his mouth. Tengu spun rapidly in the air, becoming a living projectile and dived straight through the fire. Using fire from his feet, Lu Ten launched himself out of Tengu's path.

Tengu stopped just before crashing into the ground and landed gracefully before shooting a blast of air at the fleeing prince. Lu Ten countered by sending an arrow straight stream of fire into the center of the air blast. Once it got close enough Lu Ten expanded the stream causing it to explode. The force of the blast sent both combatants sprawling on the ground.

"Are you two okay?" Sora asked as she ran to Tengu's side while Ursa ran to her brother.

When Tengu got to his feet his eyes were full of surprise. Was that Combustion? he asked himself. Only one firebender has ever achieved Combustion, and he wound up blowing himself up.

"What's wrong Tengu?" Lu Ten asked from his ready stance.

"Nothing." Tengu said clearing his head, "That's all for now Lu Ten." Why couldn't he have developed lightning like the rest of his family? Then an idea hit him. "Lu Ten."

"Yes master?" The prince asked.

"I want you to generate lightning. You too Ursa."

"What?" Both twins said at once.

"Generate lightning." The airbender repeated, "You've been taught the process right?"

"Yeah but being taught the process and..." Lu Ten began,

"Performing it are two different matters." Ursa finished.

Lightning backfire

Lu Ten achieves Combustion

"Just try." Tengu persisted. With a sigh both the twins took a wide stance. The twins moved their arms in sync as they tried to separate the yin and yang energies. Sparks emerged from Ursa's fingertips, and moments later she shot a single bolt of lightning from her fingers. The bolt struck a boulder in its dead center splitting it down the middle. Meanwhile Lu Ten failed to separate the energies and instead of lightning he shot another arrow thin stream of fire that blew up on contact with the ground, sending him flying a few feet.
Azula fires lightning

While Ursa II generates Lighting

"Very good." Tengu said before Lu Ten could complain about not creating lightning, "That's all for today." So Ursa can generate lightning and aim it with perfect accuracy, and Lu Ten seems to be able to achieve Combustion. Interesting.

"Okay Team Legacy on to bed!" Sora declared causing everyone to stare at her.

"Team What?" Ursa asked slightly embarrassed by the ten year old.

"Team Legacy." Sora declared again. "Every group has to have a team name."

"I think she might be taking a little bit more after her uncle." Lu Ten whispered to Ursa and Tengu. As the children prepared to go to sleep, Tengu stayed awake thinking up new ways for the twins to develop their abilities.

Primary Objective

Four Days Earlier

Des stood over the defeated bodies of the children's instructors as Gin finally came to. The three teachers were surprisingly powerful.

"No wonder they were chosen to be the prince and princess's instructors." Des commented to himself. "So you finally decided to wake up eh?" Des asked as Gin approached rubbing his sore head.

"Shut up." Gin groaned, "It's your fault they got away to begin with."

"Oh? Care to explain." Des inquired as he started towards one of the buildings.

"If you had waited until I got them far enough away from this place we would've had no problems!" Gin yelled, "Instead you jumped the gun and alerted Tengu!"

"Tengu?" Des asked. "Tengu was here?"

"Yes he's the one who knocked me out and took the children." Gin explained.

"In that case you're lucky to be alive." Des pointed out as he kicked a door in, "The Tengu I knew killed without mercy."

"'The Tengu you knew?'" Gin repeated confused. "How do you know him?"

"Because I used to work with him." Des clarified as he started tearing the room apart looking for something. "He used to be an assassin. Granted back then he couldn't airbend."

"Hmm." Gin said as a plan formed in his head. "In that case I think the Firelord and the Avatar would be very interested to hear about this."

"And how exactly do you plan to tell them this info?" Des asked as he continued to search the rooms. Where the hell is it? "Are you going to tell them that an assassin told you?"

"You let me handle that." Gin smiled as he left. "After all I've had to wait ten years for you assassins to complete your job. You don't think I haven't made a few contacts in your "little club" during that time do you?" With that Gin left Des Soon those people will pay for what they did to my family. He thought as he started toward Zuko's camp.

Meanwhile Des continued to tear through the rooms. "Where is that damn stone?" he asked himself. As his search continued to prove fruitless he continued to wander what was so damn important about the stone. He couldn't even bend it. Regardless he dept looking until he found a note that read,

"Des, I know what you came here for. Unfortunately for you my contact is far more efficient than yours. You'll find that I have taken "everything" you were sent here for. If you want what you were sent for you'll have to take them over my dead body.


Des crumbled the note in his hands and punched a wall, utterly destroying it before he raced off after Tengu, the kids, and the stone.

Getting Close

Present Day

Des knelt down trying to find the tracks of his prey. There were none.

"Damn you Tengu." Des cursed realizing that the airbender had backtracked and destroyed their tracks. Just as Des was about to pick a random direction a loud explosion reached his ears. Des cocked his head in the direction of the sound and waited. A few minutes later he saw a bolt of lightning shoot off into the sky followed by another explosion. "Found you." Des said with a grim smile as he raced towards them.


  • Sora declares their group Team Legacy because with the execption of Tengu each member has famous parents
  • The Stone Des is searching is the same one Ursa gave to Kaine and his Masked Ones.

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