By Gingalover Part of the Book Five: Memory, Book Six: Shadow, and Book Seven: Order continuity.
Lin Beifong displeased
Lin Beifong
Biographical information

Earth Kingdom

Birth place

Republic City


54 (Book Five: Memory)


120 AG

Physical description


Hair color


Skin color


Eye color


Personal information
Weapon of choice


Bending style(s)

Metalbending, Earthbending


Seismic sense


Toph (Mother), Suyin Beifong (Half-sister), Huan, Wei @ Wing, Opal, Baatar Jr. (Nieces and Nephews)

Chronological and political information

Police Officer


Chief of Police

Lin Beifong is a middle aged women and chief of police of Republic City. Her past experiences made her strong and tough when it came to her objectives, making her not take any sort of shenanigans during a job.

Book Five: Memory

For the months that went on by, Lin Beifong continued to help around the city, making sure order was maintained as well as helping with the city's expansion projects. During one of these projects, Suyin's family helped her place a roof on one of their latest buildings with the "questionable" guidance from Varrick. With some stress, they'd managed to get the roof in place, finishing up the building. Soon afterwards, as Varrick was talking to Zhu Li, she asked him where Korra was, saying she should help them out with the work.

As the day continued and after doing some more work, she got a call about a robbery at one of the markets. She brought the police force with her, trying to get the thief, Ziyou, to come out quietly without harming anyone. When Mako and Korra arrived at the scene, she told them what was going on. When Korra decided to confront the thief, Lin told her men to be at the ready in case anything happened. Her suspicions were right, as Ziyou attacked Korra outside, and she quickly helped to restrain Ziyou for a little bit before being knocked back. She, and the rest of the police, gave chase and missed her at first, but made a U-turn and caught up to Korra in an alleyway. Lin asked her where the thief went, though was told by Korra that she would handle it herself and didn't want them to come.

Soon afterwards, Ikki soon told Lin Beifong the news about Korra's leaving, and came to see her off. While there though, she first came across Ziyou, whom she wasn't too fond of since she had a run in with her already, but let her go anyway, as she and the others stayed behind to make sure Republic City was safe while they were away.

Book Six: Shadow

A few months had passed, and not much had changed with her. She had gotten a call upon a robbery, but when she and the police arrived, they found Ziyou had already handled them. Despite that, she didn't bother to thank her, and told her they didn't need her help with the work. She found Ziyou similar to how Korra used to act with her, something she didn't like being reminded of.

A short time later, the prison holding Kuvira was attacked, and Lin went to go investigate. Confronting the monster that destroyed the prison, she and Team Avatar managed to destroy it. They all returned to the police headquarters where Lin stayed behind to guard them all, while Team Avatar journeyed to the Spirit World to learn more about the creatures. Upon their return, Lin was told that they were called Voronon. She declined to go along on a quest to destroy all the dormant Voronon, noting that she had responsibilities in Republic City and that someone needed to guard Kuvira.

A few days later, Lin was visited by Suyin, who had heard what had happened to Kuvira's cell. They then decided to bring the former dictator to the Foggy Swamp so Toph could watch her until a new prison was built.

When they met up with Toph at the swamp, Lin and Suyin gave chase when Kuvira ran away. Finding her sobbing in the swamp over a hallucination, they wanted to bring her back, though were approached by another Voronon, Whoii, instead. As opposed to being attacked, the creature led them back to Toph's home. When Suyin tried to pet it, Whoii turned hostile and started to attack the Beifong family. Although Lin barraged it with several mud-based attacks, she failed to inflict some serious damage. When the creature managed to hit Toph with an energy blast, leaving her as good as dead, Lin rushed to her side and tried to keep her alive, but she was ordered to silence by Toph, who stated that at least she "would go out with a bang". After taking her final breath, Lin was thrown into a rage and tried to kill Whoii, but despite hacking into it, wounding it severely, she was unable to stop it. The battle ended when Kuvira commanded the Voronon to surrender, giving Lin the chance to bury her mother by closing the entrance to her home with her earthbending. Lin then rounded on Kuvira, blaming her for Toph's death. When Kuvira defended herself by saying that she had nothing to do with the attack and that she understood that it must be hard to love a mother, Lin snapped at her that she had no idea, since she did not have parents. The remark drove Kuvira to tears, and Lin was told to stop by Suyin.

After the events there, Lin went right back to Republic City, stressed out over the whole situation. While talking to Tenzin about it, she got a call from Korra and soon found out about Kuvira's whereabouts. Unable to do anything about it though, she left them to it with a bit of a temper and decided to go to the spa instead to calm herself down. When she was done with that, she found Varrick, Hotaru, and Zhu Li nearby and spoke with them to catch up on the events going on. However, during that, she was found by Quixico, another Voronon, which she took combat with soon after. Eventually though, Lin was blasted away, giving Quixico enough time to fly away.

Worried over what damage it could do, Lin Beifong followed it and lined the shores of Republic City with her police officers, fighting it as it flew to shore. Lin Beifong fought as much as she could, but in the end, she rushed away as a nearby building collapsed on top of it, killing it.


Lin is a strong willed, yet serious women, who isn't one for jokes. Although she had learned to calm herself a bit after visiting Suyin, she still maintained a tough and strong attitude towards those she's willing to fight for znd against. She's the type to willingly sacrifice herself for the sake of others.


Seismic sense

Like her mother before her, she possesses the ability to use an earthbending trick known as Seismic Sense, which allows her to sense vibrations around her in order to help her track down others.

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