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Warning! This page contains spoilers for Fleeting Peace.

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Vuon (Fire Nation)



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Jian, Fire

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Swordfighting, Firebending


Song, Chong, Fuqin, Lo


Zen (The Dictator), Tang

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Lin is the main protagonist of the series Fleeting Peace. Much of the story is told through her perspective. Her goal in the series is obscure, even to herself, although she is wandering through the East searching for what she can only call her "fate."


Early Life

Lin was born in a small village in Vuon, in the archipelago that used to be known as the Fire Nation. She was born a Firebender, something that could've gotten her imprisoned. Her parents hid her ability from the rest of the village, but sometimes, accidents happen. When Lin was eight, she wandered into the forest and was startled by an armadillo-bear, causing her to Firebend reflexively. Her unnecessary defense set a nearby house aflame, and the building consequently burned to the ground.

Lin's father died some time after that during a raid. His death has affected her behavior to the point that she has a more progressive mindset than the ruler of her country. She has grown to despise the wartorn world she inhabits, but she has done nothing to alleviate it.

The Beginning of a Journey

Lin left Vuon when she was seventeen. Her mother had just revealed the news of her prospective engagement; Lin did not take it well. After some deliberation, Lin told her mother that she was leaving to search for her fate, rather than patiently wait for it to come to her.

Upon leaving Vuon, Lin headed to Minh, a coastal country of the West. There, she threatened the life of a pirate named Sao Feng in order to convince him to give her passage to the East for free. He consented, and Lin sailed across the ocean to the city of Omashu within the week.

Forging an Alliance

Upon arriving in a village on the outskirts of the city of Omashu, Lin found herself short on supplies and subsequently broke into a general store in order to steal what she needed. She was, however, discovered by a young man that worked for the store's owner. After interrogation, Chong requested that Lin allow him to escort her to Omashu; she was reluctant but gave her consent anyway.

A Disastrous Excursion

Lin and Chong quickly ventured into Omashu. While Lin was at awe with the city, she remained wary of being identified as an outsider. However, very soon, a trio of soldiers lined up a crowd of civilians for a surprise investigation so as to identify hidden benders. Lin was discovered to be a bender and taken to prison.

While she was in prison, the warden, Xu, and a local farmer, Shao, had a conversation outside of Lin's cell. Through their exchanged words, Lin found out that Shao was looking to take a prisoner as a slave laborer. The very next morning, Lin was forcibly removed from her cell in order to be handed over to Shao. Despite the unpleasant circumstance, Lin was hopeful that this would eventually lead to her freedom.

Life as a Hopeful Slave

Lin began her tenure as a field laborer on surprisingly hopeful footing. She always searched for the chance to escape, which seldom presented itself. She also quickly formed bonds with her fellow slaves, but one, Tang, was especially antagonistic towards her.

Within days of her arrival at the farm, Lin contracted a cold while working through a storm. Due to her condition, she suffered from insomnia during the night, which eventually led to her wandering to the slaves' outhouse, where she met Chong by accident. The two quickly made plans for Lin to flee in a few nights' time, the evening of the Sun Moon, a local celebration.

On the day of the Sun Moon, Lin and her fellows spent a day at leisure, making jokes and playing Pai Sho, but when the sun began to set, Lin stole away into the evening. She began to make her way to a nearby forest, where Chong had agreed to wait. However, Tang had been watching her and he managed to catch her and began dragging her towards the road that led to Omashu, rather than to Mr. Shao's farmhouse.






The Slaves:


Lin is impatient, headstrong, and rather impulsive. She is also a skeptic and a pessimist, as is exhibited with her reluctance to believe in the Avatar's existence. However, she cannot help but be hopeful that the future is brighter than what she sees. She also enjoys listening and reading stories about "the old days."

Lin is quite similar to her father, Fuqin. She knew that he was malcontent with the ways of the world, as was she.

Lin is almost the antithesis of her mother, a rather weakhearted woman.


Thus far, Lin has been revealed to be an accomplished liar; she exhibited this ability in Minh, where she threatened to kill Sao Feng, although she later assured herself that it was an empty threat.

She appears to know how to handle a sword, as her father taught her some time in her youth.

She is also a semi-competent Firebender.

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