By Gingalover Part of the Fauna continuity.
Farming village
Limber farm
Physical information

Earth Kingdom


Crow (formerly), Spike


Mr. Limber (formerly)


Spike (currently)


Mr. Limber

The Limber farm is the main setting for the Fauna story. Despite the name, it's actually more of a farming village rather than one single farm house. Although that's how it started.


During the time between Avatar Aang and Avatar Korra, Mr. Limber himself used the money he had to build himself a farm, to which he named after himself. He started it with his hippo cow Mel. Limber farm grew from there, eventually turning from a single farm into a farm village after Mr. Limber gained a few workers from his trading with Ba Sing Se. The farm only grew from there into the farm now seen.


The main thing that got this farm known is the trade done from the farm to the great city of Ba Sing Se. The agriculture trade was best for both sides, and was going very well before the revaluation began.

Ba Sing Se also gave them more animals for import, one included the main character Tyler, and the farm's Pygmy puma cats.

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