By The Snowbold Part of the The Journey of Tala continuity.
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Northern Water Tribe

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Omashu, Tala, Hava Jinorra

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Master Lotus


Order of the White Lotus



Master Lotus Liman was a waterbender from the Northern Water Tribe. He joined the Order of the White Lotus, where he exemplary served, earning the rank of Master Lotus. He led the reinforcements of the White Lotus forces that came to Omashu. He was second-in-command under Kuel.


Liman was born and raise in the Northern Water Tribe, where he was inspired to join the Order of the White Lotus. The calm and collective Liman served well in the Order and rose through the ranks quickly. He would eventually become a Master Lotus, second only to Grand Lotus Kuel.

In 319 AG, the Fire Nation and Earth Kingdom allied together and invaded Republic City as well as any of its allies while blockading the Water Tribes. Liman was in charge of the Southern Outpost that was near the Southern Water Tribe.

It wasn't until the Solar Eclipse of winter that a large force of the White Lotus and Southern Water Tribe broke through the blockade and reached Omashu. Liman became the second-in-command under Grand Lotus Kuel.

Liman was among the leaders to fight in the full moon battle, which turned out to be a trap as the Fire Nation had hired bloodbenders to capture leadership. Liman was powerful enough waterbender in his own right to fight off any bloodbenders that attempted to capture him.

Liman became the commander of the White Lotus forces when Kuel was captured. Liman saw the sabotage of Fire Nation facilities by none other than the mercenary Ralyn, who captured Kuel. She was comatose as a result of a lightning attack from Grand Marshal Rishu.

When she woke, Avatar Tala request to have Ralyn train her. Many oppose it and insist that Liman could teach her. But he humbly admits that Ralyn is more powerful than himself.


  • The Rank of Master Lotus is the second highest rank in this fictional Order of the White Lotus. Only three can be a Master Lotus.
  • Liman is a powerful waterbender, but not as powerful as Ralyn.

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