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Aang of the Air Nomads in Eyes of Katara

Lillia was an easy-going member of the Air Walkers, a group led by Gonja. She lived in the Northern Air Temple, located in the northern mountains of the Earth Kingdom, though she didn't really identify herself with the Kingdom so much as she did with her companions.


Lillia grew up among survivors of a terrible flood, which had claimed the lives of many of the town of her youth. Escaping the destruction, her Mother and Father moved to the Northern Air Temple, following in the footsteps of the Mechanist, Gonja. Gonja had played a major role in her life, as he became a respected member of their group and created designs to restructure their new home to fit their needs.[1]

After years had passed, she and the other children had settled into their new home joyously. These were the greatest years of her life thus far, as Gonja had given the children a certain comradery like no other: the ability to share the skies with each other. Life had calmed and all of her family and friends were peaceful. It was during this time that she began a relationship with Gonja's son, Teo.

It was here, among all her non-bender friends, she built her life. They would make up stories and share jokes, play games with one another and just generally enjoy life. Though each member of this tight-knit group had a role given to them as they aged, hers was to help serve during meals. Taking pleasure instead of pain in her role, she became quite skilled in this field, showing excellent hostess qualities.[2]

In early 100 AG, something amazing happened. Not only did she meet the first benders she had ever seen, but they just so happened to be the Avatar and his friend! She was excited over this, but something else intrigued her. A young man accompanying the Avatar caught her interest, immediately attracted to him. However she put this aside, considering it best to not date two men at once and that she did care for Teo. However, this led her to begin questioning just how much she cared for him, or if he was just a friend to her.

Shortly after their arrival, a dark secret the adults had kept to themselves was revealed. All this time of peace had been bought, offering services for arms development to the Fire Nation. This matter came to a head when Teo showed up that night at her family's room, openly declaring this for her to hear. Hard words were shared between her father and her boyfriend before Teo was ordered to leave, and afterward her father declared she was no longer to date him.

She heeded this command silently, not informing Teo of her father's decision but rather keeping this to herself. However she briefly confided this knowledge to Katara, checking if she had an opportunity with the girl's brother. This did not pan out however, as the girl began to question her about her dating Teo, apparently having picked up on it at some point. This led Lillia to quickly drop the matter altogether.[2]

After the battle with the Fire Nation, her father permitted her to resume dating Teo. However, she did not do so, taking this time to herself to decide what it was she really wanted from her life.


Lillia, preferring to be called Lily, was a boisterous, excitable young girl. She loves to goof around and not take things too seriously. Her true love is the sky, which to her reflects the feeling of freedom. Buildings and rooms don't interest her, as they serve more as a cage than the wide open space of the outdoors, simply as a place of rest or somewhere to hide from the elements when necessary.[2]

She held immense faith, love and trust for her parents, even so far as to heed a demand to cease courting Teo without question. However, this was also due to her uncertainties with relationships, having discovered she questioned whether she truly loved Teo or understood what love meant.


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