By Neo Bahamut Part of the Republic City Renaissance continuity.
Lilith Psyche
Biographical information

United Republic


Northern Water Tribe

Birth place

Republic City (Little Water Tribe)


No permanent residence; when not on duty, she stayed either with her mother (Republic City, Little Water Tribe) or sister, (Republic City, Dragon Flats)




137 AG, late winter


163 AG, mid fall

Physical description



Lithe, sprinter



Hair color

Red, naturally straight, usually worn as a long braid with her bangs framing her face

Skin color


Skin type

Lightly freckled

Eye color


Personal information
Weapon of choice

United Forces Officer's Saber

Fighting style(s)


Bending style(s)



Military training


Binah Psyche (mother), Thiera Psyche (younger sister), Sujin Psyche (father)


Aroma Gingiber, Euryale Rakshashi



Chronological and political information



Major (posthumously from Captain)


United Forces


Sujin Psyche, various superiors

First appearance

"The Setup"

Last appearance

"All Good Things II: Innocence" and "All Good Things III: The Beginning" (funeral)


Lilith was brought in to show the escalation of the Purist Conflict: Not only had word of it spread overseas to the United Forces, but it was deemed serious enough that Lilith was allowed to leave her post to return home and protect her sister. The reappearance of Lilith also elaborates on Thiera's upbringing and helps to bring her out of her shell. Finally, Lilith's access to information on the United Forces gives the girls information that not even the police could know.


The first child of prominent Healer Binah Psyche after she met her husband and moved from the Northern Water Tribe to establish the Dragon Flats Clinic, as she grew up, Lilith began to feel that she didn't measure up to expectations. She clearly wasn't a bender, nor (she would eventually find) was she quite as intelligent as her sister, and she never really "got" medicine. By the time she was 8, her sister had begun to display the traits she lacked. Jealous of the attention she was getting and envious of her talents, Lilith began to pick on her.

At this time, since she was in a lot of conflicts with her mother and sister, she grew closer to her father, Sujin Psyche, then a deckhand, who had decided to go into the United Forces to help spread medical relief across the world. Though he sometimes had to go away on lengthy assignments, they would exchange letters; Lilith confiding her problems to Sujin, and he trying to help her understand the position her mother was in. When he was home, Sujin would tell Lilith age-appropriate stories and teach her some of what he knew. Lilith herself was also often not seen by the rest of the family, as she enjoyed staying with her grandmother or hanging out with other kids from school.

By age 15, Lilith was finally mature enough that she slowly started to come around. She smoothed things over with her mother pretty easily, but her sister was not as ready to forgive. In the last few years Lilith was at home, they had started to get along, but soon she was 18, and ready to join the United Forces. This hurt Thiera anew, and the waterbender rarely wrote to her. Lilith occasionally tried breaking the ice when she had free time, but often didn't know what to write about, besides her travel observations. As both sisters now led very busy lives, they only saw each other during holidays, and were never quite the same, easily Lilith's greatest regret.

Fortunately, her job was going better than her home life. By Age 22, she achieved Second Lieutenant rank, First Lieutenant at 24, and had been promoted to Captain a few months prior to the Purist Crisis. Knowing both she and her father were model soldiers, Commander Bumi agreed to give her leave to help protect her family.

Book 0

Lilith tried to surprise Thiera when she came home, and received a chilly reception, but soon afterwards, finally had a breakthrough with her sister. She soon learned this was thanks to Aroma, which is partly why she became fast friends with the Junior Healer. Due to their similar interests, she got along quite well with Euryale, making the girls the first strong friends she had made outside of the United Forces.

She later discovered that an old comrade, Ivan, was a Purist officer. She defeated him and he committed suicide in a failed attempt to take her with him. When she told the Purist Leader this, while fighting her to defend Thiera, the crime boss killed her. She was cremated, posthumously awarded by the United Forces at her funeral, and had her ashes waterbent out to sea by her mother.


Lilith has a reputation for being reckless, with a sentiment that the best defense is a good offense, and is often accused of being unthinking, but it would be more accurate to say that she prefers to think on her feet. Though she has difficulty shaking off the poor reputations she's earned in the past, she's matured quite a bit in the United Forces, developing strong leadership skills, self-control, and compassion.

Though she once bullied her little sister, she's since grown quite protective over her, but her interests in adrenaline-seeking and social events mean her interests align more closely with Euryale's. She is quite laid back, teasing Aroma for "trying to put the moves on [her] sister." This is probably why she avoids dresses, despite her preference for "girly" designs filled with flowers and the color pink, a preference that extends even to the ornate Officer's Saber that she commissioned for herself.

Though seeming generally confident, she has mentioned that she suffers from feelings of inadequacy, particularly in regards to her appearance, and it bothers her that she's sometimes perceived as androgynous. Her sister also implied that she's had problems with alcohol.


Lilith originated as Thiera's sister, but several years after Thiera herself was conceived of. Sometimes they are together, rarely do only 1 of the sisters appear as an only child, but usually Lilith's absence or disappearance is a major part of Thiera's backstory. She is named after the Jewish demon "Lilith," who was shunned by Yahweh for—horror of horrors—wanting to be considered equal to men.

I decided early on that she would be sort of the black sheep of her family, with a much more vivid hair color, different build, more action-oriented personality, and a fighting style more like that of a samurai. Her association with flowers continues the family's plant theme, and her wardrobe is supposed to make her more of a "modern girl," rather than a tomboy.


  • Her hair, like Thiera's name, is inspired by Aerith Gainsbourough, from Final Fantasy VII.
  • Her favorite colors are black and pink.
  • She favors a fast-paced, aggressive version of Pai Sho, based on the Hundred Year War, called "Fire Frenzy."
  • Her swimsuit was a two-piece because I forgot about the 1920s aesthetic. It is a bandeau designed after a lily, what someone who wants to be noticed might wear.
  • There are a few times where she holds her sword by the blade and attacks an enemy with the hilt. This is a real world sword technique, the mordhau.
  • The decorations on her funeral urn carry a double meaning: They partly allude to her motifs and sense of style, and partly with symbols for rebirth.

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