Like an Earthbender
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9th January, 2013

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This here be my most successful one-shot to date. On FFN well, was. Having Fun? is more popular, but I guess it's, well, lesbian crack sex, so... ^^"

Like an Earthbender

She had been mulling it over for some time; not running or stalling, or quaking in fear. Just... mulling. After all, one doesn't just admit love to oneself just like that, do they? Coming to a decision after weeks of pondering, Toph was ready to make a move. After all, there really was only one solution that her pride–as a person and as an earthbender–would let her take. She would have to face the problem head on, just like her element. Moving from her rock ( uncomfortable by even her standards), Toph walked over to the shallow pool where Aang was practising his bending with a certain pretty faced waterbender. Despite her misgivings about the water which so often blurred her vision, Toph had a mission, and damn it to Hei Bai if she wasn't going to complete it. She gently walked-slash-stumbled over to Aang, coming up behind him. He wasn't out as far as she had assumed, and was pleasantly surprised when the water only came up to her shins. She still didn't like the feeling, but it was worth it to be around him. Especially if she distracted his attention from Katara. Tapping him on his back, Toph only just realised how tall he had become when he stopped bending and turned to her. This was problematic; how was she supposed to follow through with her plan if she couldn't even reach him?

"Toph? Is everything okay?" From the way he asked, Toph had the vague feeling that he had an eyebrow raised in non-verbal questioning. Not that she could see it anyway–she couldn't even feel his heartbeat.

Stupid, light airbender heart, she thought grumpily. She could sense Katara's through the sand of the pond, and grinned when she realised why it was running. She was slightly annoyed that he had asked her if everything was fine, but only slightly; she was just happy he hadn't asked if she, personally, was okay. He didn't need to mollycoddle her, and he knew that. Nonetheless, the question snapped her out of her reverie, and she had a stroke of genius to achieve what she wanted that rivalled some of Sokka's more... creative plans. Looking up at her friend, she pointed to her face, highly aware that it was probably some burning colour.

"Do I have something in my eye? I feel like I have something in my eye," she asked, her tone softer than usual. If Aang noticed her voice (or her colour), he didn't say anything as he leant down to look into her milky green, absolutely redundant, beautiful eyes.

"No, I can't see-" He was abruptly cut off as Toph forcefully shoved her lips onto his. Before Aang had time to react, she had grabbed the back of his head, achieving the result of both preventing him from running away, as she knew he was going to do, and deepening the kiss. He vaguely realised that Katara was watching him with a slight mix of shock and awe at Toph's brash move, and that he should be stopping her before she got too ahead of herself. He wanted to jump away, or sweep her into his arms–he had no idea. Truth be told, he was enjoying the kiss too much to care or to try and stop. He had only ever kissed Katara, and even then they had been chaste, no more than pecks, really. She had never seemed to really want to kiss him like this–she has said it would "distract him". He didn't understand why a distraction would be a bad thing, especially this kind of distraction. His kiss with Toph was turning into a full blown make-out session, and he could see how it could be off-putting. Already, he was losing his common sense, only to be replaced by something primal, an instinct. It was only now that he could fully appreciate the feel of her lips around his, her tongue gently probing his, her hot breath covering his face. He realised how tall he had become as he moved his arms forward, and instead of landing on Toph's hips, which is where they would have landed had he been kissing Katara, they came to a stop just underneath her armpits, before he moved them to hold on to her cheeks as she did the same. Pulling the earthbender closer to him, Aang realised through the fog that the longer they were locked like this, the more he wanted to keep going–not that he had a problem with that. It wasn't like he was in a relationship anyway. The longer they stood there, the more Aang learnt about his friend (were they still friends? Or were they friends? the last conscious part of him asked). Her kisses were the epitome of the young earthbender. It began as a rough kiss, one that only appeared through inexperience, and developed as she grew more confidant. He could feel the strong, tough earthbender in every move she made, but could also feel the sensitive girl she was on the inside. She was controlling the actions, he merely followed, copying and relying on instinct to not screw it up. He could feel her lips curve up, and with a surprise realised that she was smiling. He began to grin, and took control, all at once becoming the dominant one. From the feel of it, she had turned from The Greatest Earthbender in the World, to Toph Beifong, heiress to the Beifong line. And he liked it. He was learning about a side of her rarely seen.

Conversely, Toph could understand what it meant to be Aang, merely by kissing him. It was shy at first, tentative, but once he built up enough confidence, he really took charge. At first he had tried to pull away–that was who he was. She had frightened him, and he wanted to crawl into a hole until the scary earthbender left. Or, he wanted to take to the skies. Whatever. He didn't want to be where he was. But, after he let himself relax (and she refused to let him go), he grew confidant, and with that confidence came power. Soon, she didn't have to do anything, as he moved his hands to just below her arms before moving them to her face just as she did the same thing, holding onto her cheeks with both hands, kissing her with a passion. She opened her mouth slightly, and felt a warm rush of air as Aang breathed into her, not even realising that he could stop if he wanted. But they couldn't, both were at the mercy of each other, although it could be said that Toph had a clearer head than the monk she was currently tonguing. Toph had never been kissed before, and up until then, that was how she liked it. Her brash move surprised even herself on some levels, but she soon stopped caring–this was her first kiss, and the spirits were going to make sure it was a pretty frigging epic one. After all, it was the Avatar, the bridge between the worlds, that she was snogging. Smiling, she vaguely realised that she no longer felt like The Blind Bandit. She felt like Toph Beifong. And considering how hard she tried to fight her girly side, it actually wasn't half bad.

After what felt like an eternity, although all too soon for Aang, she broke away, no sign of shame or embarrassment visible on her face, although he could feel the heat rising in his. Instead, she had a huge grin, not a smile, not a smirk, a grin. Ever the earthbender, she punched him on the shoulder, seeming not to notice or care about his reaction.

"Nice going, Twinkles," she winked. "You're pretty good at that!" Ever the airbender, Aang looked at her, then Katara, opening and closing his mouth before launching himself into the air. It would have been quite humorous under any other circumstance; Katara could only gape at the laughing earthbender.

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