Lights, Camera, Action
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June 9th, 2017

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"Cut!" Asami called out, and the actors moved from their cues, half expecting her to say they'd need to do the take again. Actually though, Asami thought this take came out okay, but she'd have to rewind it to really find out. She looked at her watch, seeing that they'd been at it for two hours straight. "Alright everyone, take fifteen. I think we can wrap this scene."

A few agreeing murmurs went through the crew, and people started walking around. Asami moved to the bank of computer screens and asked the guy behind it to pull up her final few takes.

On the whole, she was pleased with the result. The angles were good, the lighting was a little on the bright side, but because the main star had fairly dark skin, that was the idea.

-"Umm, Asami?" a hesitant voice came from her left. The director looked up, seeing Korra standing there in a bathrobe, seeing how the scene they just shot required her to be down to her underwear. "Do you have a minute?"

"Sure, just a minute. Mako!" she yelled at one of her crew. "After we get back, we're gonna start shooting the morning after, so make sure you get your lighting in properly, make sure it's bright enough.'

-"Got it," he replied with a shrug.

Asami chuckled. Mako was good at his job, even if he was a little difficult to work with. They sometimes butted heads on set, because they had worked together before, but in the end, the result was always good. "Alright, Korra, walk with me."

They went outside, because Asami was desperate for a smoke. Bad habit, but so many people on set did it that even when she tried to quit, the temptation to start again was incredibly strong. "So what's on your mind?" she asked, sighing in relief as she felt the nicotine run through her.

-"I think we need to reshoot the scene we just did."

Asami raised an eyebrow. "Are you kidding me? We just spent two hours on that scene and now you want to do it again?"

Korra looked a little uneasy. "Well... yes. I think I should be topless for it."

At this, Asami was so surprised that she choked on the smoke she was inhaling. "Topless?" she managed after she stopped coughing.

-"Yeah, I mean, think about it. I'm trying to get with a man nearly twice my age by getting him drunk. I wouldn't be doing that and then hold back."

The director thought about this. The script called for Korra to seduce her coach in order to persuade him to put her on the team, even though she didn't qualify. Asami saw a certain Rocky-like element in there, the down-on-her-luck athlete doing everything she had to to get another shot at her career. On the whole, her reasoning made sense.

Then of course, there was the elephant in the room: Korra was gorgeous. Even though she had to play someone who lost a lot, she was still an athlete, and that called for a very fit actress. This lead meanderingly to Korra, and as soon as she walked into the audition, Asami knew she had the right part. Of course, the fact that Asami thought Korra was the most attractive one by a country mile helped a lot with her choice once everyone had passed, but still.

She also may have done a take or two that weren't fully necessary of Korra working out for a montage scene later on in the film, mostly because she wanted an extra look of those muscles hard at work. It definitely was a sight to behold.

"Alright," Asami slowly nodded, trying to hide her blush by blowing out a puff of smoke. "How would we go about it?"

This got Korra blushing as well. "I... uhhh... I hadn't really thought about it like that? I mean, I think the scene would largely play out the same, only I'd take everything off."

The director smiled. "Alright, you get your wish. Sure about this?"

Korra gulped, clearly nervous as hell even suggesting this. "I think so. Is there any booze lying around this place?"

"Go ask Bumi, he's pretty much my on-set alcoholic," Asami chuckled. "I'd bet you any money there is a bottle of gin somewhere he knows."

The actress laughed as well, be it a little awkwardly. Even though they hadn't been working together long, Asami liked her, and not just because she was attractive. She was easy-going and not afraid to speak up, but when Asami demanded discipline, she listened. Most scenes got done in three or four takes, which was a pretty good average.

She took the last drag of her cigarette and threw the butt away. "Alright, time to get back to work. Would you be so kind to send Iroh my way so that I can inform him of this?"

"Sure," Korra quickly nodded.

Unsurprisingly, it wasn't very hard for the director to convince him to do the scene again only with Korra topless, and soon enough, they were back on stage. Asami had seen her take a couple of shots of Bumi's gin, meaning they were ready to go.

Asami gulped, because she was kind of excited for this, but of course, she couldn't show this. "Come on, Asami, you're a professional..." she muttered to herself. "This isn't the first time you've shot a hot girl topless..."

-"What was that?" Bolin, her second unit director, was quick to ask.

"Oh, nothing," she quickly dismissed, even though there was a distinct blush rising through her cheeks. "Alright everyone, silence on set... Camera... Action!"

Korra was quick to push Iroh down onto the bed, and she straddled him, before quickly shrugging out of her top. Her make-up was a little smudged because of that, but Asami thought that just made the scene feel more natural.

She wordlessly signaled Bolin to do the close-up of Iroh's face, which was simultaneously excited and a little disturbed, given how Korra was half his age, both in the movie and in real life. Wasn't that hard for him to pull off.

And then the moment came that made Asami try and swallow the lump in her throat. Korra was quick to unhook her bra and let it fall away.

Damn. She looked even better topless than she did with her top on, though that was no surprise, given how the thought of 'your clothes look good on you, but they'd look better on my bedroom floor' had gone through Asami's head several times. Korra's breasts were nice and firm, and definitely looked good on camera. Asami caught herself just before she was going to zoom in on them, reminding herself just in the nick of time that she was making a drama, not a porn film.

The scene was over disappointingly quickly, but Asami had already made up her mind. That was definitely the take they were going to use.

Before you say anything, this does happen. In The Wolf of Wall Street, it was Margot Robbie herself who suggested her character to appear stark naked in front of Leonardo DiCaprio after their date, while the original script called for her to be in lingerie. Martin Scorsese agreed, and she had to take three shots of tequila before she had the guts to do so. And in The Island, Scarlett Johansson suggested she should be topless in the mandatory sex scene, but director Michael Bay refused, saying that he wanted to keep the movie PG-13. I'll let you draw your own conclusions from that fact.

Also, yes, this was just a little plot bunny that I thought was kind of fun to write.

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