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By Thebiguglyalien Part of the The Final Avatar continuity.
Ozai generating lightning

Azap lightningbending

Lightningbending is an ancient and forgotten art in The Final Avatar. It is about actually controlling lightning, not just the generation and redirection done normally.


Early History

It is known that lightningbending was practiced long ago. At some point, the knowledge was put into Wan Shi Tong's Library. It was eventually forgotten.


Lightningbending was later recovered by Azap. He studied the art, and quickly became a master of it. He taught a small army the art, and created the Lightning Island.

Known lightningbenders

Fighting Style

When bending lightning, the bender uses a series of quick and successive circular punches. The generates the energy required for creating lightning. Then, swift arm motions control the lightning.

Lightningbending Abilities

  • Lightning Creation:Lightningbenders can create lightning. They use a swift punching movement to create a lightning bolt.
  • Lightning Control: Lightningbenders can manipulate lightning bolts. They use swift, wide arm motions to send lightning around.
  • Lightning Blast: Lightningbenders can shoot powerful focused blasts of lightning. They channel the lightning bolt, and then blast it out in one huge burst. This creates an explosion.
  • Lightning redirection: Lightningbenders can redirect lightning. See here.
  • Flashbang:Lightningbenders can create a flashbang-like effect.

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