By Gingalover Part of the Avatar: New Universe continuity.


A Part of the Herd

While Weed, Mel and Nobutora were traveling with the Aptonoth herd, A Lightning Wolf appears and scares the entire herd away. As it was chasing, it accidentally runs over Mel, losing a lot of energy. It gets very angry with them and was about to attack them but misses. It doesn't bother with a chase.


Lightning Wolves are dog sized predators of Altonia's open savannas and plains. What makes it different from many small predators is that it has no teeth, instead unseeing a strong electric charge that it flows into its gums that are just as deadly. It only uses this electric charge on small herbivores such as Kelbi or the young of larger herbivores. Its the fastest creature of its world, traveling to speeds unrecorded. But it's speed comes at a cost, only reaching that speed for about 20 seconds or so before it's exhausted, similar to that of a cheetah.


These creatures are solitary, traveling alone. They are also very protective over its territory of their own kind. They also are dangerous of other predators who it competes with.

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