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Lightning Absorption is similar to redirecting lightning. The key is strength and energy. This is a sub-skill of both water and firebending.


Lightning absorption was developed by the Fire Nation. Years before the Hundred Year War it was discovered and passed on to the Water Tribe. The benders must not move to control the lightning. Then the lightning must enter the sea of chi. There the bender must trap the lightning in the sea of chi. Once trapped the bender must convert the lightning to energy. Once converted the bender must lead converted energy to the chi paths.

This skill greatly enhances their bending it depends of the amount of lightning absorbed by the bender. Master absorbers can absorb and double the amount of energy converted and could even overpower the solar and lunar eclipse cancelling the powers of the two eclipse.


To much lightning in the body could render the bend loss of control and death. When a waterbender absorbs lightning and bends water the bender must learn to hold the unconverted lightning inside the body if not the lightning would the bender and take form in the water. Although expert absorbers choose to release the lightning and hold it inside the water to provide more attack. Corrupted lightning(lightning fused with another element) is harder to convert if not converted the corrupted lightning will travel to the brain and fuse with it causing hallucinations, madness, and desire to attack without control

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