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Lightning is a polar bear dog that lived in the Southern Water Tribe. Lightning was found by Avatar Mario when he was a small puppy. Lightning was trained by Mario along with Claw and Paris. Lightning loved to swim in the ocean or sea.


Early Life

Avatar Mario was searching for a polar bear dog and he finally found a big group of it. Mario took one while closing his eyes. He got a small, the smallest polar bear dog. He decided to name him Lightning while the other citizens received other polar bear dogs, preventing the animal's extinction.

Republic City

Mario and Paris went to Republic City for Mario to join Pro-Bending along with Makoto and Huo. Before that, they met the Triple Threat Triad along the way. Lightning fought them. Mario saw his polar bear dog fighting. Alone, he defeated the Triple Thread Triad.

Historical Fall War

During the Historical Fall War, Lightning fought the soldiers who attacked the South Pole. He joined Mario to come to the Boiling Rock prison to rescue Makoto and Huo. When he returned to the South Pole, along with the warriors, Lightning defending his city and waited for the Avatar to return.


As a polar bear dog, Lightning has the power of dogs and polar bears. Trained well by his owner, Lightning had a great insight in battle and he can also run fast. He is easier to train than the other animals.


  • Lightning bears great resemblance to Naga.
  • Mario named him Lightning because he's fast.
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