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Lightbending is one of the two bending arts locked by Avatar Shiron. This gives one an ability to produce light energy and use it for offense or defense.

Light is the element of Yang, and it depends on one's inner Yang to work. Only Avatars, and a few whom has been granted the ability can change the amount of their Yin or Yang. However, Bai had an accident where she was hit by the two Yang-supportive elements, Water and Air, so she has a set high Yang, allowing her to lightbend.

Known Lightbenders

Iroh and Azula can both lightbend due to their ability to change their Yin and Yang quantities. However, Azula used it to do the opposing element, while Iroh focused on firebending to make sure Aang masters the art (since he is his firebending tutor in Avatar Aang: The Locked Elements).


Lightbending was discovered by Avatar Shiron when a Firebender let his Yang overpower his Yin, then attempted to Generate Lightning which resulted in a white light. Shiron did this by himself, and due to him being a Yang-based Bender by being an Airbender, he created a massive light beam. Soon, the practice was going out of control, and soon people discovered that letting Yin overpower Yang causes Darkbending. Shiron then used Energybending to lock Yin and Yang values permanently, but it was impossible to do that to Avatars. Soon, people forgot it completely. Aang rediscovered it when he did the same thing as the first firebender who discovered Lightbending. This makes it and Darkbending the only bending arts that are learned from humans directly.

Lightbending depends on calmity and piority to Yang, while Darkbending depends on hatred and piority to Yin. (This goes on the fact that the four main elements can be bent in both anger and calmity, but some are powerful with piority to Yin while some are powerful with piority to Yang. However, all six elements cannot work without both Yin and Yang.)

Fighting Style

Lightbending and Darkbending both have a similar fighting style, in which light beams and rings are created and fired on the opponent. Notably, since the speed of light is fast, this is one of the most rapid elements.

Basic Level

Light Beams

If light energy is concentrated, it could be fired as a damaging beam.

Light Armor

One's body is covered in light, and then it is used to attack Light Balls at opponents.

Light Balls

A ball of light is fired at the opponent

Master Level

Light Ring

A ring of light appears around the bender, then it expands, destroying what's around it. May expand to an unlimited diameter if not stopped by the bender.

Light Enclosure

A large ball of light covers the bender as a protection, then a Light Ring or Light Balls can be fired.

Avatar State Level

Light Encasement

The whole world is encased in a light case that deactivates Darkbending and weakens both Firebending and Earthbending.

Light Stones

By combining Lightbending with Earthbending, Light Stones can be created, which weakens Darkbending heavily.


An Avatar can combine any elements with any of the skills to enhance them. An example is adding Waterbending to the light ring.

Special techniques

Invisibility: Invisibility is the only known sub-skill of Lightbending, enabling the user to render themselves completely unseen to the naked eye. While the skill is practically useless against spirits, a user can easy remain undetected by other individuals. Paladin Bagguk demonstrated this skill multiple times during his months tracking down and capturing energybender captives.

Other Skills

If light is made into an Airball using Airbending, the Airball goes incredibly faster, due to the speed of light.

A small light ball can be created and left in the hand to make dark areas brighter.


Lightbending is a measure of the overflow of positive Yang power with in a human.

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