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There was a place, just on the right side of hell. You could wait there for a while, but eventually they would come for you. The black sky above was cruel as ice, hung with diamond sharp stars, and crowned by the moon, merciless and beautiful. Fiery surf broke on a black rock in the middle of a sea of fire. Men he had known drowned and burned in the sea, screaming endlessly. In the mist that hung all around, the innocent dead watched and waited. He clung to the rock; if he turned his face to the sky, it was frozen, and if he turned it to the sea, it burnt.

Waiting. That was all there was to do now. Waiting to see if even a single prayer was uttered for his soul. One would never suffice, but he could not rely on even that. He found himself praying, begging over and over for mercy when he knew it was too late. He could have changed. He had been given so many opportunities. He saw that now. How many chances? How many hands held out to him? It didn't matter now. The burning waves were closer. There would be no mercy.

He turned his face to the moon and saw the beautiful girl with the streaming white hair gazing harshly at him. If she was the last thing he saw, then that was enough. He felt his grip on the rock loosening. He cried out a name, but what that name was he did not know; only that it was both the existence of judgment and the possibility of mercy. Another futile gesture. And yet as he felt himself start to dissolve into agony, there was a cool hand on his face, and she was there, illuminated before him, and the blessed light of mercy washed over him.

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