Light and Darkness
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Darksome Knights: Resurrection


Book 2: First Impressions



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February 4, 2012

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The Second Castle

Light and Darkness is the twenty-sixth chapter of Darksome Knights and the sixth chapter of Book 3: Rallying the Troops.


Sokka dropped out of the portal and landed face first on the sand. Wind whipped around his face. The sky was dark and stormy. Waves smashed against the dark sand. Lightning crackled from the sky.

Sokka stood up shakily. He ran up the beach to higher ground as fast as possible. He was clambering over rocks when a translucent blue sphere filled with orange dust appeared in the sky.

"Huh?" Sokka said. He dropped back down to the beach, drew his sword and began running toward it.

As he was running toward it, two small creatures appeared in front of him. They had round heads, bright yellow eyes, and black bodies. Sokka drew his sword and the creatures lunged at it.

Sokka swung his sword. Each swing sliced through one of their bodies, leaving a trail of dark dust in their place.

"What..." Sokka panted, "just happened?"

A young boy, about Aang's age, ran across the beach in front of him. Sokka ran after him.

The Cave

The boy ran toward a cave, pursuing one of his friends. Sokka pursued him as he ran into a dark cave.

Whatever those creatures were, he thought, I bet he knows.

"Kairi?" the boy asked, looking around the cave. Sokka stepped out from behind a tall stalagmite.

"Hey!" he said.

The boy turned around, a look of pure terror on his face. There was a flash of light and a long, sharp key appeared in his hands.

"Who are you? What do you want?"

"It's okay." Sokka sheathed his sword. "I'm here to help."

The boy's key disappeared. He spoke.

"I'm Sora." The boy extended a hand.

Sokka took it. "My name's Sokka."

"So, what are you doing here, Sokka?" Sora asked.

"I'm here looking for strong people to help me and my friends."

"You should find my friend, Riku." Sora said. "He's a lot stronger than me."

"I'm sure you're strong too." Sokka reassured Sora.

Suddenly, a teal portal opened between the two. Sora's key appeared.

"What's that?" He asked, worried.

"That's how I came here." Sokka explained. "Come on!"

Sokka took Sora's wrist and took him through the portal. They stepped through it and walked out into the castle.

"Sigan!" Sokka called. "Why did you call us here?"

Sigan turned to face Sokka. "I have some bad news."

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