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Where My Wife Sleeps

It was a still, breezy day on Air Temple Island and all was well. Aang sat outside staring at the trees as their leaves rustled in the wind. It was the startling cry of his wife that made him shoot up from his seat. "Aang!" she called out. The Avatar sped into the house, rushing through all of the rooms as he searched for his wife. "Aang, hurry!" she called again. Aang moved faster, passing through many a room until finally coming into a room with Katara panting, heavily.

"Katara, what's wrong?" Aang asked, panicked.

Katara's breathing eased up and she chuckled. "The baby was kicking pretty hard," she said.

Suddenly, the weight of worry left Aang's shoulders and he fell on his back. "You scared the living daylights out of me, Katara," he said. "I thought you were in trouble."

"Sorry," Katara said.

"Don't be," said Aang. "You're safe and that's what's important." Katara smiled and Aang gave her a kiss. "So, do you want to sit outside with me?" he asked.

"Sure," Katara replied. Aang helped his pregnant wife up and led her through the house, gradually making their way to the front door.

"I can't believe it's only been eight months," Aang said. "It feels like it's been over a year since you told me you were pregnant."

"I know. I just can't wait to see our baby for the first time," said Katara.

"Me too," Aang agreed.

"Hey, don't you have a lesson with Yukio today?" Katara inquired.

"Yeah," Aang answered. "She should be here in the next few minutes. I just figured we could sit outside and admire the scenery until she gets here."

"Sounds good," said Katara. The couple finally reached the door and sat down on the steps outside. "How is that going, by the way?"

"Great," Aang replied. "I've made quite some progress."

"You haven't been giving her any trouble, have you?" Katara asked. "You haven't exactly been known to be patient with your bending instructors in the past."

"The way I remember it, you weren't exactly patient with me either," Aang teased.

Katara smiled and laughed, recounting the incident with the waterbending scroll. "Touché."

"I'll admit it's been a little agitating. I haven't even gotten to physically lightbend yet. We've had to work slowly, because I didn't want it to overtake me like when I tried to learn darkbending, but she says I'm finally ready to lightbend."

"Sounds stressful," said Katara.

"And today I finally get to learn about Yukio's past. She's been keeping it from me, telling me that when the time comes, she'll share it with me, and today I finally get to know."

"Well, it looks like you won't have to wait any longer," said Katara, motioning forward.

Aang looked up and saw Yukio approaching them. "Hello, Aang," she said.

"Hi, Yukio," Aang replied.

"Are you ready to get started today?"

"You bet."

"Then let us go to the usual training center," Yukio said. She and Aang walked away from the temple to the training area.

"Have fun!" Katara called after them.

As Aang and Yukio walked, Aang thought if he should ask Yukio about what he wanted to know. No. He thought. She'll tell me. I just have to be patient. Still, the question rattled around in his head like an angry prickle snake. Finally, they came to the training area and stood facing each other.

"So, as promised, I will reveal to you exactly who I am and why I am here," said Yukio.

"I'm ready," said Aang.

"First of all, I believe you have already met my sister."

"Your sister?" Aang asked. "How can that be? Aren't you thousands of years old?"

"Indeed I am. She and I have both lived for many millennia. Her name is Yazdalia."

Aang's mouth dropped and his eyes widened. "You are Yazdalia's sister?"

"I know it must be quite a surprise. She and I are polar opposites. I bend light, she bends darkness. I live to protect peace, she lives to destroy it. I help others, she kills them without mercy."

"No kidding," said Aang.

"So, how exactly are you two still alive?"

"That is what you are going to find out today," Yukio said. "I feel that in order to teach you lightbending properly, I must tell you the story of it's origin. So take a seat, Avatar, and listen well."

Aang did as he was instructed and sat down.

"Today you have your United Republic of Nations in addition to your Earth Kingdom, Fire Nation, and Water Tribes and at one point you also had the Air Nomads. There was a time when none of these nations existed. Most of the world was populated by spirits and people lived on the backs of lion turtles. The lion turtles also had the ability to teach people bending, but after the first Avatar came to be, the lion turtles stopped teaching bending to humans, forcing them to learn it for themselves. As the world was evolving, people tried to learn how to bend the elements, to no avail. However, there were four people – two men and two women – who learned a new kind of bending. They learned to bend the light and darkness around them."

"Wait a minute," Aang said. "I'm confused. You said something about the first Avatar."

"That is correct," said Yukio. "Avatar Wan."

"Wan?" Aang asked. "I thought Jun was the first Avatar."

"Jun is not and never has been the Avatar. He was, however, the first Dark Avatar."

"Dark Avatar?" Aang asked, confused.

"There is something you need to understand about the Avatar," said Yukio. "The Avatar Spirit was created when Avatar Wan fused with the spirit known as Raava. This is what allows the Avatar to be reincarnated again and again and what allows you to connect to your past lives. This is also what gives you the ability to enter the Avatar State."

"I never knew that," said Aang, truly fascinated and bewildered by this information.

"That being said, there is a possible way for there to be a Dark Avatar," Yukio continued. "While Raava was the ultimate light spirit, there was an ultimate dark spirit known as Vaatu. Avatar Wan tried to imprison Vaatu in the Spirit World in an ancient source of spiritual energy known as the Tree of Time, but he was freed by none other than Jun and the two fused to become the first Dark Avatar."

"That's unbelievable," Aang said. "Was he the only Dark Avatar?"

"No," said Yukio. "The Dark Avatar has always existed. It's spirit is reincarnated just as the Avatar's is. For centuries, the Avatar and Dark Avatar clashed, but over time, the Dark Avatars were unaware of who they were. They were born without the knowledge that they were the Dark Avatar. And so they have virtually faded away into extinction."

"I had no idea," Aang said. "That is so incredible. But how do you fit into all of this?"

"As you are no doubt aware, there is a prophecy that states a warrior of light will arise and conquer every weakling in his path," Yukio explained. "Many millennia ago, I was tasked with finding the warrior foretold by the prophecy and help defeat him. Only then may I finally rest and enter the Spirit World."

"But I thought that prophecy was written well after your time by the son of Chin the Conqueror," said Aang.

"Conqueror?" Yukio asked. "No, no. The man who wrote that prophecy was the son of a lightbender named Chin."

"Wow. So, Tai Kun was way off," Aang remarked.

"It is this reason that I must teach you lightbending, so that you may defeat Bai Lung."

Aang stood up. "I'm ready," he affirmed.

"Very well. Now, what have I taught you these past eight months?" asked Yukio. "What is the source of all lightbending?"

"The sun," said Aang.

"Correct. How do you harness the power of light?"

"The same way a plant does," Aang replied. "You absorb the sun's rays and then channel them out in the form of light."

"Very good," said Yukio. "What is another way?"

"By hardening the light particles in the air all around you, you can make solid objects out of light," Aang answered.

"Excellent," said Yukio. "Now, using this knowledge, I want you to fire a light blast into the bay," she said, motioning towards Yue Bay.

Aang took his stance and took several deep breaths. He then leaped into action, jumping forward and focusing his energy on this one simple move. He shot his arms forward, aiming the light blast into the bay, but, to his surprise, nothing happened. He stepped back, unsure of what went wrong. "I felt like I had it," he said.

"Try again," said Yukio.

Aang took his stance once more and repeated the technique, the result being the same as last time. "For spirits' sakes," he said. "I can lightbend a man out of existence no problem, but firing a blast of light is hard?"

"There is no need to get upset," said Yukio.

"You're right," Aang said. "I just have to be patient."

"Try it again," said Yukio.

Aang took his stance yet again and performed the technique once more, this time, releasing a speeding bolt of yellow light out from his hands and into the bay. Amazed at what he had just done, Aang smiled and stared at his hands, the tools he had just used to lightbend.

"Congratulations," said Yukio. "You are now officially a lightbender."

"I can't believe it," said Aang.

"Now that you have performed one form of lightbending, you must perform the other. I want you to form an object out of the light particles in the air."

Aang nodded and, with an outstretched arm, he tried to condense the light particles, but to no avail.

"Why do you think you were unsuccessful just now?" asked Yukio.

"I don't know," said Aang. "I tried as hard as I could."

"That is why you failed. If you try too hard, you will not succeed. If you do not try hard enough, you will not succeed. If you try just hard enough and apply the right about of focus, you will succeed. Now try again."

Aang reached his arm out once again and attempted to repeat the technique. He was glad to see a block of light appear before him, indicating his success. He lowered his arm and smiled once more.

"You are making fine progress. I am eager to see your skills develop as we continue to train," said Yukio.

"And I am ready to learn whatever else you have to teach me," Aang replied.

"I am pleased to hear that. Now let us practice for just a little while longer and then you can go and tell your wife of this news."

Sokka and Suki were seated on the shores of Yue Bay. The slight breeze of the sea was brushing up against them. "What's up, Sokka?" Suki asked. "This is the first time in a while that you've invited me to lunch or suggested taking a walk through the park. Is something on your mind?"

"Yeah," Sokka replied. "Something is on my mind. I've done a lot of thinking in the last eight months and I remember how I almost lost you in that light explosion. I remember feeling like I was going to go insane if I didn't get to you before the place blew up and that if I got there too late, then you would be gone forever. It's made me realize that I can't live without you. Those months we spent separated when you went back to Kyoshi Island and fought the Zhiming Assassins drove me crazy, because I couldn't be with you and all I could think about when you got back was 'I am so happy we're together again'. I love you, Suki. I know the way we met was a little weird, but I've grown to love and respect you so much more since then. And there's just one question I want to ask you." He then pulled out a betrothal necklace and got on one knee. "Suki, will you marry me?"

Suki was caught totally off guard. She was speechless. Her eyes watered and she was overtaken by happiness and joy. She leaned down and embraced her boyfriend in a passionate kiss and during that period of time, it felt like time had stopped. The only thing that mattered was the sensational feeling running through both of them. "Yes," she answered.

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