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The Dark Lord

Even after 500 years Zorin is still ruler of the world. He is very old but he is still on a conquest to wipe out the order of the Vongol flame.

Vongol flame

The Vongol flame is an order of benders from all over the world whose missions are to return peace to the world. Their headquarters are currently in the underground caverns somewhere in the outer wall of Ba Sing Se. Their leader is Sokin.

His apprentice is named Roy, a descendant of Fire Lord Zuko. Only he knows that he is the Avatar. He has mastered all 4 elements but the Avatar State.

Siege of the Dark navy

After training, Roy met up with his best friend Jack, a master Airbender. They went to a cliff to talk.

"How I wish to end this ongoing conflict" Jack said in a light voice.

"The Dark lord is very strong you know, He can kill you in a second" Roy said.

"They say he will die very soon due to his age, That will be the order's time to attack the Dark palace. When we attack peace will be attained" Jack said.

"No, only the Avatar can create peace." Roy said to Jack.

Jack widened his eyes and summoned a giant whirlwind knocking Roy to a nearby tree. "You fool! The Avatar is dead, if the Avatar was still alive then we wouldn't be talking about the Dark army"

"I'm sorry, I just want this war to end" Roy said while standing up.

Jack and Roy then noticed an aura building up. Jack then created an air scooter and went back to the headquarters.

Roy then saw ten Dark navy ships firing at the small village below the cliff. Roy then created an earth wave to go to the village.

Roy watched in horror as the people were being killed. He then summoned a large gut of wind to extinguish the large fire and save some villagers. He then came face-to-face with Dark navy officers as they attacked Roy with Darkbending. Roy then launched a massive fireball but the darkness swallowed the fireball and went straight to Roy.

as Roy saw the dark blast heading up to him Jack blew him out of the way using Airbending then members of the order used earth shield to save time.Then Jack summoned a large tornado to help them escape.

when they finally escaped, Roy angrily shouted "Why did we escape!, that was our only chance to take them out. They might move on and destroy every village in this region."

"Silence!" Sokin shouted "It's alright we have tunnels in this whole region, we already evacuated all the villagers."

"But the Dark navy will have more territory, they will become unstoppable right now!" Roy shouted.

"Don't worry, our friends from the order of the white lotus will have wiped all those Dark navy by now." Sokin replied.

The Dark lotus

From a distance you can see the damage the Dark navy did to the village. Almost all houses are destroyed, smoke as big as a mountain can be seen. Almost no life.

Figures emerge from the village, a flag of a lotus can be seen in the shadows. But behind the lotus flag is another flag, the flag of the Dark navy. The Order of the White Lotus has been defeated. The figures emerge from the shadows, A black lotus flag, the order of the Dark lotus.

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