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Life in the Jongmu Temple is the sixth episode in The Life of Team Avatar.


Now, Aang is 4 and he is living his life in the Jongmu Air Temple, he is independent but along has Monk Gyatso has his counselor, father, and teacher.


Aang has moved in to the Southern Air Temple. He start learning to speak, learning Airbending, and playing with friends but had some problems but it was solved.

He always followed his same routine but felt that he was tired of living like this and wanted to visit the outside world but he did not have a sky bison. Sometimes he had good times in the Jongmu but also bad too.

Weird Times

"Do you know when are we gonna go to the field to play?" said Air Nomad boy

"I think soon, we get to have fun and do stuff and grow food and eat, and this game that I really wanna." said Aang.

"Me too." said Air Nomad boy.

Then Jinju came and join the conversation.

" HIII, I AM JINJU." said Jinju weirdly.

They could not understand what he was speaking, then Gyatso came and spoke.

"Listen everyone, today is the day, you boys have been waiting for, we are going to the field, now I need everyone to be slient and follow my instruction." said Gyatso calmly to the boys.

As everyone follow Gyatso's instructions, the boys waited impatient till they make it their and start playing, then the big boys came an Airbending game and then bison came to play with other bison. The boys were playing games, some were using their Airbending skills to play. Then Aang became delirious that he sat on a bison and went to sleep, didn't know that he was on a bison. Then the bison fly off to fly around the temple then went to the shed and didn't know that Aang was there. When Aang woke up, he was confused of how did he get in the shed and in a bison.

"HEY!! GET ME OUT OF HERE!!!" said Aang.

The bison woke up but no one could hear him. Then he found a hatch and didn't know where he was so he decided to stay in the bison shed and sleep their till someone comes then they take him back to his room.

The next morning, 2 monks came and saw Aang on one of the monks bison and said...

"What are you doing with my bison?" said the monk.

"Oh, I don't know how I got here but sorry, I don't know how to get to my room." said Aang.

"Oh, I'll take you." said the monk.

So the monk took his bison and fly him up to the boys dorm center, there were number of boys then one of Aang's friends found and said.

"We were looking for you. Where did you go? We were worried but mostly Monk Gyatso." said Air Nomad boy.

"I was at the bison shed by accident because when we were in the field, I was on a bison that went to the shed. This monk found me and took me back here." said Aang.

"Okay, but come, Monk Gyatso needs to talk with you."

Then the Air Nomad boy took him to Monk Gyatso, who was also with Monk Tashi.

"Ahhh, Aang, we were worried sick, you should not done that." said Monk Gyatso.

"I'm sorry, Gyatso." said Aang.

"Accepted, now go to your room and sleep because we need to get you ready for your training tomorrow." said Monk Gyatso.

Aang left and went to his room and went to sleep to get ready for tomorrow but he thought about what a weird time he had and also a fun time in the field yesterday.

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