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"We'd be glad to get it for you, Avatar Aang"
— Lie to Avatar Aang in Be Thou a Cain
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General Lie (说谎 lit. Lie) is an Earth Kingdom general and member of Earth King Kuei's prestigious Council of Five. During the Coup of Ba Sing Se in 100 AG, Lie was captured by Dai Li agents but was freed following the end of The War. A few weeks after the war's conclusion, he and the other Councilmen created the controversial Law NL I, and was confronted by Kuei, Fire Lord Zuko, and Avatar Aang in order to discover if it conceived under possibly corrupt circumstances.


Lie was a prestigious Earth Kingdom General who eventually became noted as one of the highest military members in the country.[1] Therefore, he was chosen to become a member of Earth King Kuei's prestigious Council of Five, along with four other top generals How, Sung, Kai, and Fong.[2]

In 100 AG, Princess Azula and her elite team of friends, Mai and Ty Lee,[3] infiltrated Ba Sing Se and orchestrated a coup d'état to overthrow the city with the aid of the Dai Li. While inside the Council Hall with Kai, Lie was ambushed from the roof by Dai Li members, chained, and imprisoned. Following the overthrowing of Kuei and the near-murder of Avatar Aang, the city was officially conquered.[4] That summer, however, The War ended in the subsequent defeat of the Fire Nation,[5] and Lie and the rest of the Councilmen were freed.[2]

Following the end of the war, the Council's headquarters were moved to the Middle Ring of the city with the intention of allowing the military to empathise with citizenship.[2] Soon after, Lie and the rest of the Council members developed Law NL I, which broadened trade routes between the Fire Nation and the Earth Kingdom,[6] a taboo action at the time[2] due to Construction Committee crewmen Methius and Malu then-recent execution at the assumed hands of the Fire Nation.[7] Lie and the Council chose not to get Kuei's veto on the law.[6]

The Council's decision to not get proper vetoing and the repercussions bound to occur due to the law itself proved to be incredibly controversial.[2] When the Earth King was alerted of the Law, he was outraged and informed Aang and Fire Lord Zuko. Aang planned on confront the Council about the matter personally, but was ambushed suddenly in an alleyway by a group of apparently psycho-religious assassins and was forced to retreat back to the palace for further discussion.[6]

The following night, the three decided to personally confront the Council about the law. Lie, Fung, and Kai were all inside at the time and greeted them. When Aang said that he needed to get something from the cart, Lie insisted that he go do it for him, but Aang denied the request and went alone. For the whole of the conversation between all of them, Lie and the Councilmen acted incredibly stiff and prepared. Eventually, upon being asked what the cause was behind not getting the law vetoed, the Council claimed their actions were based around keeping the Earth King away from chastising from the press. However, due to the Council's actions, the three reached a consensus that they are lying and possibly trying to start a coup.[2]

Behind the scenes

Lie was created by SuperFlash101, author of the fan fiction work Avatar: Better World, for the story's chapter "Be Thou a Cain." As only two members of the Council of Five were named in the series, SuperFlash was forced to give names to the three unnamed members. He choose the name "Lie" because it fit the Council's preparedness and obvious deceitfulness. Flash noted that it was his favorite of the three's names.



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