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The library of the University of Logopolis is famed for its great scientific works. Many of the books were authored by Philip Hellene and Jinora Gyatso.

Philip Hellene

After the Fire Nation Civil War, Philip Hellene appointed himself as the constitutional monarch. In the 70 year gap between the Civil War and the Great War, Philip Hellene worked as a senior professor at the University of Logopolis. There, he wrote many great books and articles in many scientific and philosophical fields.

Philip was renowned for his unique, empirical approach to matters of bending and spirituality. He is known as the father of bending science.

Philip's first published article was Principles of Bending. It was Philip's article that earned him his Doctor of Philosophy (or PhD) degree and earned him the title 'doctor'.

Year (AG) Title Subtitle Summary
-7 Principles of Bending A quantitative analysis of bending The origin of bending science - perceiving bending from an empirical and physical perspective.
10 Elemental Conversion The connection between the elements Philip's theory of elemental conversion
120 Polybending Or the Pseudo-Avatar The results of Philip's research into polybending.

Jinora Gyatso

Jinora Gyatso graduated the University of Logopolis in 176 AG and published her first major work in 177 AG. She wrote primarily on spirits and their science.

Year (AG) Title Subtitle Summary
177 Good and Evil Nature's tendency toward neutrality A philosophical document that demonstrates nature's trend towards neutrality.
178 On the Origin of Spirits By means of spiritual selection. The first article to view spirits from a scientific point of view.

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