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The liberation of Guilin was an event during the War of Spirituality. It took place at Gaza's temporary encampment in the southeastern Fire Islands, which was infiltrated by Avatar Singi and Jamyang in order to liberate Guilin, who was arrested by Gaza for espionage.



Upon the siege of Gai Chan in Spring 9,742 BG, the proto-Earth Kingdom declared war on the Fire Islands warlords Maku and Gaza, ultimately joining in on the War of Spirituality. Even before the catalyst event, Guilin admired Singi for her determination to put an end to the war, which eventually inspired him to take action himself against the antagonists. Unfortunately, some of the proto-Earth Kingdom's tactics involved espionage, which was frowned upon by Singi, Jamyang, and the proto-Water Tribe. Guilin was no exception to this, and after setting out to sea, he eventually arrived at a Fire Islands encampment in the southeastern Fire Islands and snuck in one night to gather information. Although successful in gathering some crucial information, not long after his infiltration, Gaza and some of his men, who had temporarily returned to the Islands to formulate further war plans, captured him.

Rescue operation

After being alerted and led to the encampment early the next morning (i.e. before dawn) by Qiú, Singi effortlessly made her way inside the prison that Guilin was being held. Upon locating Guilin in his metal cell, Singi attempted to slice an opening with waterbending, despite the long amount of time the task was taking. Guilin encouraged her to use earthbending instead, seeing as how the floor of prison sans the cells were of earth, but Singi rejected, stating that the noise of her earthbending against the bars would attract the wrong kind of attention.

After more time passed, a guard on patrol spotted the Avatar and alerted others, including Gaza. In desperation, Singi began to earthbend a large rock against the bars, attempting to bash the bars open, but with little success. As Gaza and multiple guards began to close in, Singi entered the Avatar State and heated the rock she had been using to the point where it became lava, and after bending it into a disc, sliced the bars open with lavabending. Guilin scurried out of his cell as Singi used lavabending to create a divide between her and Gaza and his troops before bending over and exiting the Avatar State, exhausted.

With the guards and Gaza drawn back by Singi's use of the specialized sub-skill, Guilin began earthbending at their opponents as Singi composed herself. Upon regaining her energy, Singi airbent a cloud and grabbed Guilin, mounting them both on the cloud, and they began to take off to flee the encampment. The task was met with difficulty, however, as Gaza and his men began firebending and shooting arrows at the duo from multiple directions. As Singi continued to maneuver them above the prison dodging the barrage of attacks, Guilin clutched onto Singi and went into a panic attack, horrified at being so high up in the air on nothing more than a delicate cloud, his aviophobia taking him over. Distracted by Guilin's behavior, Singi fails to avoid a blast of fire, which disintegrates her cloud and sends the duo falling, landing back into the yard. The two got back onto their feet and Singi once again grabbed onto Guilin before producing an air bullet, ramming into many of the guards and Gaza before vertically scaling up one of the walls of the prison and past the main watch tower before removing the air shield of the air bullet and flipping around, positioning themselves high above the yard and facing towards the main entrance of the prison. Before they can once again reach freedom, Gaza shot them down with firebending.

Singi was able to cushion their decent with airbending this time, and the following sequence played out with incredible skill fit enough to be reviewed in slow motion: As soon as Guilin's feet touched the ground, he bent a large boulder, while Singi, who was mere inches above him, bent yet another cloud. Once the cloud was formed, Guilin grabbed onto Singi's hand and hoisted himself onto the cloud just before Singi airbent Gaza against the main watch tower, followed by Guilin vengefully sending the boulder to Gaza. Despite Gaza quickly firebending towards the boulder to cushion its impact, the large mound of earth slammed against him before breaking apart, followed by him falling onto the floor in a heap, barely conscious, but against all odds, alive. He can only get himself onto his hands and knees, gritting his teeth and glaring angrily at the duo as Singi rocketed herself and Guilin up before doing a backflip and disintegrating the cloud as Jamyang, accompanied by Jiefeng and Qiú, arrived with his air bison and the two landed on the creature's back before finally fleeing the scene for good.


Singi and the gang flew back to the Sun Warriors' ancient city so that Singi could resume her firebending training alongside Ra Sho, with Guilin accompanying the Avatar and her friends for the remainder of the war. Gaza spent many months recuperating at his encampment, much to his and Maku's dislike at the heavy damage the event caused [to Gaza]. Gaza would spend his months of recuperation bedridden, but regardless, continued planning further attacks by his and Maku's troops, keeping in constant contact with his partner via messenger hawk. Following this event, Gaza would harbor a growing feud and strong disdain towards Guilin in particular.

Meanwhile, the information Guilin had gathered was for a large-scale battle within a valley that once housed a fire lion turtle, dated to take place roughly two years later on the summer solstice. Unbeknownst to Guilin, however, this battle was planned with the intent of Singi participating so that the warlords could kill her and any of her allies who happened to join her in the event. Hence, Guilin's espionage worked in favor of Maku and Gaza in getting the word to Singi of the impending battle.


  • Singi entering the Avatar State during this conflict was reflexive, as it was due to fear and desperation of Gaza and his troops closing in on her and Guilin.
  • The battle mentioned during Guilin's infiltration would end up being the final battle of the War of Spirituality, and would take place in the valley that once housed the fire lion turtle that most notably granted fire to the huntsman, Jaya, and the eventual first Avatar, Wan.
    • Although this battle serves to kill Singi and her allies, the valley would ultimately be settled by the warlords would they be victorious.

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